Quiz 9

Chapter 9 quiz
1. Which is the first step in the development of customer-defined service standards?
a. Develop measurements standards
b. Identify existing or desired service encounter sequence
c. Determine appropriate standards
d. None of the above
2. A quality of soft standards is
a. Easily measurable like weight, height or time
b. Opinion-based measures
c. Melt if left in the sun
d. Can be expressed as a percentage
3. Identify the form/forms Standardization of service can take:
a. Improvement in work methods
b. Substitution of technology for personal contact and human effort
c. Combination of A and B
d. All of the above
4. All of the following are actual measurements of hard standards of the FedEx Express SQI
a. Damaged packages
b. Missing packages
c. Different packages
d. Wrong day or late deliveries
5. Things that can be counted, timed, or observed through audits is
a. Soft standards and measures
b. Hard standards and measures
c. Customer-defined standards
d. Company-defined standards
6. Which of these is not one of the Seven Service Culture Standards
a. Recognition
b. Voice
c. Employees
d. Clean
7. Which of the following is part of the Core Worldwide Service Operating Standards
a. Breakfast
b. Hotel Arrival
c. Room
d. All of the above
8. ______________ are technology, policy, or procedure changes that, when instituted, address
customer requirements
A. One-time fixes
B. Procurement standards
C. First encounters
D. Target levels
9. An example of a lean servicescape would be
10. ____________ ___________ reflects a desire not to stay, to explore, to work or to affiliate.
A. Avoidance Behavior
B. Emotion
C. Customer Mood
D. Commitment Plan
1. B
2. B
3. D
4. C
5. B
6. C
7. D
8. A
9. A
10. A