Assignment- The Right Company for Me

Assignment: The Right Company For Me
Directions: Today is your lucky day. You have just been offered both of the jobs that you interviewed for!
You have decided that in order to make your decision, you should carefully research the benefit packages
and options that each profession has offered you. Carefully review Student Resource 13.4, Table: Benefit
Packages. Take notes on some of your thoughts, comparing and contrasting the differences of each
package. Next, turn to a partner and discuss your observations. After you have examined and discussed
particular aspects of each benefit package, choose one of the positions to accept.
Now that you have made your decision, write a summary explaining the reasoning
behind your decision. Before handing in the assignment, check to make sure it meets or
exceeds the following assessment criteria:
Your summary clearly describes the chosen job and company.
It shows an accurate understanding of benefit packages and options, and how company values
are expressed in the compensation packages offered to employees.
It correctly describes at least three specific benefit options.
It accurately applies the concepts covered in this lesson.
The summary is neat and legible and uses proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Based on my research of your company profile and the benefit options that you offer, I am pleased to
announce that I would love to begin working as an economist with your company. Given that your bank
has been in business for over 22 years, I love the stability that your company can offer.
As an individual with a desire to start a family, the fact that you offered a wonderful health insurance plan
with no copays and included dental and vision insurance is really important to me. I also appreciated your
disability and life insurance options as well as your quality of life benefits. In my opinion, the child-care
discounts and the special gym rates all can be added to the competitive salary that you offered, as these
are day-to-day expenses that my family expects to have.
Furthermore, your stock option plans and annual bonuses all encourage employees to stay with your
bank. This fact contributes to having slow employee transient rates, and I am someone who loves to work
in an environment where personnel rarely fluctuate.
All of your benefit packages and employee incentives truly say something about how your bank values
and cares for your employees. I am proud to be included in the Bank of Croesus family!
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