Informative Speech Topics

Informative Speech Topics
History of Chocolate
History of Barbie
Famous Inventors and their Inventions
Formation of Volcanoes (you could choose any other ecological phenomenon like
formation of caves, formation of glaciers, etc.)
Endangered Animal Species
World-famous Artists
Leaders who changed the World
Evolution of Computers
Nutrients in Food
Importance of Exercise
Effects of Pollution
Impact of Technology
The Most Iconic Sports Figures
Famous People from your country/city
The Reality of Reality Shows
History of the English Alphabet
History of the Number System
Pros and Cons of Cloning
Alternative Sources of Energy and their Use
The Newest in Technology
Genetically Modified Food
A particular Period in History
A Favorite TV or Radio Show
A Favorite Cuisine
How a particular gadget Works
A particular Revolution or Movement in History
Tips/Advice on Investing in... choose from stocks, gold, silver, etc.
Demonstrative Speech Topics
Flower Arrangement
Yoga Poses
Teach American Sign Language Alphabet
How to Make a Sand Castle
How to Make Ice Cream
Packing for a Trip
Making a Family Tree
How to Read Piano Music
How to Iron Clothes
Making a Halloween Mask
Decorating a Christmas Tree
How to Tie different Knots
How to Read Maps
How to Play a particular board game
How to Pack a Suitcase
How to Set up an E-mail Account
How to Play a particular Musical Instrument
Use of Contact Lenses
How to Iron Clothes
How to Polish Shoes
How to Plant a Tree
How to Eat using Chopsticks
The Right Way to Use a Spoon, Fork, and Knife
How to Apply Makeup
How to Straighten or Curl your Hair (You could also choose to demonstrate a
particular hairstyle.)
How to Set a Dinner Table
Steps to Draw a... (choose from flowers, cartoon characters, a particular
animal/bird, etc.)
How to Make a... (choose from craft ideas like making a paper lantern, an origami
rose, airplane, paper mache, playdough, gift bag, greeting card, etc.)
Fun things to do with... (choose from glue, waste paper, toilet paper, old
cardboard box, buttons, old plastic bottles, old clothes. Here, you would be
expected to suggest wealth-from-waste ideas and demonstrate innovative ways
of using or making something creative out of old materials.)
Persuasive Speech Topics
Zoos are good/bad for preservation of animals (go with the option you are
convinced with)
The recess should be longer
Benefits of homework
Education is important
Save the planet
Don't give in to peer pressure
Reduce, reuse, recycle
Smoking is bad for health
Uniforms should/should not be made compulsory (go with the option you are
convinced with)
Be a vegetarian
Treat obesity seriously
It's important to learn a second language
Athletic scholarships are fair/unfair (go with the option you are convinced with)
There should be a minimum age for plastic surgery
Entrance exam scores are not true indicators of a student's caliber
Drug addicts should be given medical treatment instead of legal punishment
The tax system is fair/unfair (go with the option you are convinced with)
Laws for gun control need to be stricter
Funny Speech Topics
Funniest pranks
My most embarrassing moment
How I was April fooled
Weird things to do on your birthday
How to drive someone crazy
Excuses for not doing homework
Funny voicemail messages
... and I couldn't stop laughing
Funny animal behavior
Snappy comebacks
Fun ways to order a pizza
Funny Internet terms
Crazy laws
My biggest blooper
Fun ways to remember names/faces
Funny questions for friends
The stupidest/silliest questions I have been asked
The dumbest questions I have ever asked
Jokes that make you laugh each time you listen to/read them
Meeting an alien
Why the world's a funny place
Why English is a funny language
Prank call ideas
Strange addictions
Weird world records
Other Interesting Speech Topics
Why do stars twinkle?
Causes of eclipses
Why is the grass green?
How birds know when to migrate
Why chameleons change color
Reasons why we overeat
Why do we have dreams when asleep?
Why do doctors wear white coats?
Why bats hand upside down
How honeybees make honey
How emotions affect memory
How animals communicate
How do we remember things?
What makes us addicted to things?
How the heart works
How the brain works
What makes a good leader
First day at school/college
My hobbies
My summer trip
My favorite sport
My house
Why I love my... (you could choose any close relation like mom, dad, sibling, or
A food I won't mind eating everyday
My favorite subject in school
My greatest fear
My most favorite possession
The happiest day in my life
How to decorate your room
How to plan a surprise party
The best last-minute gifts to buy
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