cheer up
make happier
cheer someone up
Let’s cheer up Kathy by taking her to
dinner tonight.
I brought you some flowers
to cheer you up.
end up
We ended up streaming a movie
instead of going to the movies.
figure out
understand, find the
I need to figure out how to fit the
piano and the bookshelf in this room.
Figure it out before tonight or we may
lose our jobs.
figure something out
fill up
fill something up
fill to the top
Can you fill up the car today? The tank
is almost on empty.
I always fill the water jug up when it is
get back at someone
retaliate, take revenge
My sister got back at me for stealing
her shoes. She stole my favorite hat.
hand over
give (usually
The robber saw my cellphone and told
me to hand it over.
hand something over
The police asked the man to hand over
his wallet and his weapons.
look down on someone
think less of, consider
Ever since we stole his car, your dad
has looked down on us.
pass away
His uncle passed away last night after
a long illness.
run over someone/something
drive a vehicle over a
person or thing
I accidentally ran over your bicycle in
the driveway.
shop around
compare prices
I want to shop around a little before I
decide on these boots.
Put the phrasal verbs into the correct sentences. Remember to change the verb tense if
cheer up
fill up
look down on
shop around
end up
get back at
pass away
figure out
hand over
run over
1. We should send Carmen a sympathy card. Her mother
2. Because I hate shopping so much, I rarely
when I need
to buy something. The quicker the better is my motto when it comes to shopping.
3. Jim
going to Peru on his vacation. He wanted to go to Paris,
but it’s too cold in the winter.
4. The teacher told the boy to
his cellphone because he was texting
during class.
5. Where is the server? I want her to
the teapot. We ran out of tea
20 minutes ago.
6. I’m really bad at math. Sometimes I can’t even
problems written for teenagers.
people who don’t speak English
7. I hate it when Americans
David? He’s been so sad since his girlfriend
8. How can we
broke up with him.
9. New Jersey governor Chris Christie was upset the mayor of Fort Lee would not endorse him.
at the mayor by closing lanes on the George Washington
10. I hate it when people text while driving. I think it’s one reason so many pedestrians are