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New Hollywood
Film Foundation Degree
Research the term Postmodernism
Make notes or brainstorming drawing
What is Postmodernism?
• Difficult to define
• Not one theory
• Variations of when the term was first used...
• Variety of meaning: a period/attitude/mode of
• Can be applied to various disciplines: literature,
painting, architecture, media, etc
• Reflection in the arts on society and rapid
advances in technology, capitalism
• Pluralism, multiple theories and various meanings
3 Approaches to understand Postmodernism
1. Historical
2. Stylistic
3. Theoretical
It is a reaction to Modernism
What is Modernism?
Modernism is a philosophical
movement appeared as a response
to the new economic, social, and
political environment of the
industrialisation process from
Western society in the late 19th and
early 20th centuries.
Modernism expressions
• art
• film
• architecture
• literature
• religious faith
• philosophy
• social organization
• sciences
The simplification of form and
elimination of ornament
Seagram Building, NY, designed by Mies van der Rohe
Experimenting with representation of people
The Song
The Song
of theofNightingale,
the Nightingale,
Dissonance, distorted music effects, rejection
of rules of harmony and composition
Bonding of the nuclear family
Modernism believed that the lives
of people would improve thanks to
science and a world based on logic
It was a time of optimism that carried
over from the Victoria Era and
Edwardian and right up to 1914
Turning point
• The terrible carnage of the the
First World War sowed seeds of
doubt as to whether the world
was becoming a better place.
• Science was turned to creating
weapons to kill on an industrial
scale; this was a trademark of
the war - a wave of pessimism
swept across Europe.
The birth of postmodernism
This idea of a loss in the goodness of people and suspicion of science
and a world of logic and order was compounded by two main events of
the Second World War
Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs
The birth of postmodernism
• These events brought about the
movement and the theories
which are loosely titled postmodernism and
By 1968, these ideas reached
Campbell’s soups, Andy Warhold (1968)
American Pop Art
• Postmodern texts embody skepticism towards the ideas and
ideal of the modern era, especially the ideas of progress,
objectivity, reason, certainty, personal identity and grand
• Postmodernism takes pleasure in playing with convention,
pointing out nature of how everything is a construction
That's the theory, but what is
postmodernism in practice ?
Make a collage or mood board of postmodernism expressed in in art, architecture,
society, painting, philosophy, social organisation. Make a presentation to the class.
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