Sponge Capsule Lab

Sponge Capsule Lab
Background- Sponge capsules, also known as Magic capsules, are little foam organisms that are encased
in plastic. When they are added to water they explode. We are going to test several different variables to
see if we can make them explode at a faster rate.
Purpose- To utilize the scientific method by asking a question, developing an appropriate (if and then)
hypothesis, test your hypothesis, collect data on a data table, analyze the data by creating line graphs, and
finally write a conclusion summarizing your results.
Focus question: How can we get the capsules to explode faster?
Testable hypotheses: (each group does ONE) – *Write yours in an “If I.V., then D.V and control format!
1. Temperature of the water affects the rate of growth.
2. Stirring the water affects the rate of growth.
3. The type of water, salt or tap, affects the rate of growth.
Materials- Each group will have a different set of materials. Please make sure you write down each item
that you use for your lab report. Example:
 Magic Sponge Capsules
 Stirrers
 Heat source
 Water
 Salt
 Ruler
 Beakers
 Tweezers
Procedure- Make a numbered list of detailed steps. This should be just like a “recipe” which anyone should be
able to follow it and obtain the same results. Measure the capsules in cm.
Data- Make a data table to present your data. Your data should be collected and documented every five
minutes until all the capsules have erupted.
Ex- Question 1
Effects of Temperature on Magic Capsule Growth
Length in Hot Water
Length in Cold
Water (cm)
Length in Room
Temperature (cm)
0 (length of the
Results- Graph your data with the time being on the x-axis and the length being on the y-axis. For the above
example, three lines will represent the different temperatures used and you will have a key/legend.
Conclusion- Write a summary describing your results. Your conclusion should answer the experimental
question and state whether or not your hypothesis was supported (correct) or rejected (incorrect) with evidence
from your data. Also, this is the place where you would make up suggestions for future research or changes you
would like to make.
Analysis Questions: After you compare your classmate’s data with your own, answer the following questions
at the end of your lab report.
What are your independent variables, dependent variables, and the control?
Why was it important to use the same capsules for each variable being tested?
Which type of water made the capsule grow faster? How do you know this for sure?
What affect, if any did stirring the water have on the capsule?
Did the type of water, salt or tap, have any effect on the rate of the capsule exploding?
Overall, which method worked best and why?