UNSW-SJTU Collaborative Research Fund Seed Grants Application

SJTU-UNSW Collaborative Research Fund Seed Grants - 2015/16 Recipients
Project Title
The Contribution of Venture Capital to Innovation in China
Associate Professor Jo-Ann Suchard
School of Banking and Finance
UNSW Business School
Dr Da-Wei Wang
School of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Dr Robert Taylor
School of Mechanical and Manufacturing
Faculty of Engineering
Professor Mat Santamouris
Faculty of the Built Environment
Associate Professor Tan Yi
School of Finance
Dr Weihuan Zhou
School of Law
Faculty of Law
Associate Professor Xiaochuan Weng
School of Law
Faculty of Law
Anthony Shakeshaft
Faculty of Medicine
Scientia Professor Henry Brodaty
School of Psychiatry
Faculty of Medicine
Associate Professor Lu Liu
School of Medical Sciences
Faculty of Medicine
Dr Chinthaka Balasooriya
School of Public Health and Community
Faculty of Medicine
Associate Professor Junfang Xi
Antai College of Economics &
Professor Li Yang
Law School
High-power batteries based on 3D graphene-metal oxide electrodes
Development of Solar Photovoltaic Powered Air Conditioning
An investigation into the impact of the urban heat island on the energy
consumption and environmental quality of buildings in Sydney and
The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement: Implications for Australian
Services Suppliers and China’s Services Sectors
Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility Legislation and Index
Development and application of the Tobacco and Alcohol Policy
Assessment Toolkit (TAPAT) in Australia and China
MicroRNAs as biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease – comparison between
Australian and Chinese populations
Non-neuronal acetylcholine in gastrointestinal inflammation
Adapting and trialling an innovative international approach to address
burnout in medical students
Professor Shenmin Zhu
School of Materials Science Engineering
Dr Yong Li
School of Mechanical Engineering
Professor Ruzhu Wang
School of Mechanical Engineering
Michael Phillips
School of Medicine
Professor Shifu Xiao
School of Medicine
Professor Hong-Zhuan Chen
School of Medicine
Wang Chunming
School of Medicine