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Ken May, Sr. National Accounts Rep
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About pcAmerica
pcAmerica was established in 1985, based in NY
Founders wrote and sold one of the first accounting packages to
run on a PC
Cash Register Express, Retail POS, created in 1994
Restaurant Pro Express, Restaurant POS, created in 1998
Over 50,000 terminals installed globally(estimate)
Educated staff consisting of POS experts
Winners of several awards including the 2010 Innovative
Solution Award, # 1 in User Satisfaction (HT Magazine Award
Winner 2005, 2006), Specialized Solution of the Year, Epson
Pioneer Award
Product Summary
Cash Register Express is a retail point of sale software package, that
serves most of the retail industry.
Restaurant Pro Express is a point of sale software package for table
service and fast food restaurants
Pocket Inventory is a mobile inventory tracking package, for counting,
ordering and receiving, that works in conjunction with Cash Register
The pcAmerica web portal is an online site that enables single and
multi-store clients to run reports, modify inventory and perform most
back office functions from any computer with internet access
Notable Clients
Several divisions of Goodwill Industries
Preferred POS software vendor for HP
POS solution for Baskin-Robbins, Melt Gelato, Tasti D-Lite, Flower
Foods, several other chains
Over 50,000 thousand independent retailers
Partnerships with many large credit card processors, ISOs
Target Industries
Convenience stores
Gift \ museum shops
Table Service \ Fine
Fast Food \ QSR
Grocery & Supermarket
Delivery restaurants
Coffee Shop
Apparel \ Clothing
Video \ equipment
Bars \ Night clubs
Ice cream \ gelato
Video Game \ Music Stores
Books stores
Sandwich\sub shops
Liquor stores
Dollar & discount
Tobacco stores
Buffet restaurants
Chains of stores
Independent retailers
Chains of Restaurants
Independent restaurants
• Fast, easyGeneral
checkout andFeatures
• Customer tracking with
order taking
• Fast, easy checkout
and order
takingtracking• Customer
with loyalty
• Detailed
• Process
gift cards
• Detailed inventory
• Touch screen invoicing
• Employee security
• Touch screen invoicing
• Bar code scanning Print • Employee
• Time clock
with labor
• Bar code scanning
clock with labor scheduler
receipts, bar code labels • Time
• Print receipts, bar
code labelswith QuickBooks• Detailed
75 reports)
• Integrates
• Detailed
• Integrates with QuickBooks
• Multi-site capable• Multi-site
with internet
web with
• Secure
processing PCI\PAcapable
• SQLcredit
internet web portal
• Secure credit card
processing PCI\PA-DSS
More Retail Features
More Restaurant Features
• Delivery \ drive-thru features
• Table management with table layout
• Caller ID, driver tracking, driver directions
• Split checks
• Comps, voids, discounts
• Kitchen printing, kitchen video systems
• Track recipes and ingredients, food costing
• Unlimited menu items, multiple meals
• Modifiers, up sells
• Bar tabs, table transfers
• Performance statistics, shift reports
• Tips and commissions tracking
• Pay at the table capability
• Online ordering (June 2009)
• Handheld inventory tracking (Windows mobile)
• Purchase orders and vendor price management
• Clothing \ apparel matrix
• Age verification for liquor, tobacco
• Sale pricing, bulk pricing, mix n match pricing
• EBT, food stamps, pin debit, cash back
• Layaway and accounts receivable
• Print gift receipts, gift registry
• Weight scale support (NTEP certified)
• Return management
• Commissions tracking
• Equipment and video rentals
• Coupons, discounts, promotions
• Signature capture
Fast and Easy Invoicing Screen
• Order on screen at
all times
• Big, colorful
function buttons
• Quick Pay buttons
for one touch
ending of a
• Running Totals
and Tax Calculation
on Screen
New Features 12.5: Integrated Digital Signage
• Order Displays on top
• Customizable Screen
•Displays Tax and Total
•Rotating Advertisements
• No expensive 3rd party
New Features 12.5: Going Green
• Email Receipts and
Purchase Orders
• Saves paper
• Saves the
New Features 12.5: Age Verification
• Scan a bar code on a Drivers License
• Screen prompts for Rejection/Acceptance
• Helps reduce liability
New Features 12.5: Online Ordering
• Place orders through
the website
• Orders automatically
print in kitchen
• Specify pickup or takeout
• Report on online sales
• Customize online
ordering menu
• Chains can setup
delivery zones to push
orders to closest store
New Features 12.5: Gas Pump Interface
Specific Gas Pump Buttons
• Works with all kinds of
• Windows based POS
• Easy to use
• Full POS functionality
• Third party equipment
and services needed
Gas Pumps Fueling
Additional New Features in 12.5
Built in labor Scheduler
• Restaurant software for Waiter-in-a-Box
•Retail-in-a-Box Security Edition
Web 2.0: pcAmerica Web Portal Web-Accessible Reporting, Back Office
•pcAmerica Web Portal brings internet-based,
enterprise back-end to chains and independents
• Accessible from most web browsers, from any
computer in the world with internet access
•Stores synchronize to the web portal in near real time,
two-way pass
• Run a full suite of reports for one store or a chain of stores, from the internet
• Add or modify inventory items, menus
•Create and modify employees, permissions
•Purchase orders, inter-store transfers
Web 2.0: Social Networking
POS   Social Networks
• Innovative interface, pcAmerica connects
point of sale systems to retail\restaurant
customer’s social networks
• First time social networking activity has
been connected with in-store purchasing
• Post a tweet, FourSquare check-in and
soon Facebook status update when loyalty
points are earned or redeemed
• Build brand-awareness and new
customers by marketing to friends of your
• Strong percentage of friends on social
networks live in same area, have similar
interests and tastes
PCI Compliance
As of July 1, 2010 all merchants are required to use ONLY PADSS compliant applications.
Does not retain full magnetic stripe or CVV2 data
Protects sensitive credit and debit card data
Provides secure password features
Log application activity
Develop secure applications
Protects wireless transmissions
Test applications to address vulnerabilities
Facilitate secure network implementation
Encrypt sensitive traffic over public networks
pcAmerica makes available easy, direct marketing pieces
to help VARs and end users understand the POS systems
- CRE & RPE Videos
- CRE & RPE Demos
- Copy of Power point Slides
- PDF’s of Restaurant Pro Express &
Cash Register Express literature (cobranded)
- FAQ site
Additional Services
We are here to help grow with the VAR. Here are some
additional services that will help them achieve their
operational success.
• Web Portal
• Employee Login Cards
• Menu Programming
• Inventory Management
• Onsite Training
• Gift Cards
• Loyalty Cards
• Stored Value Cards
• 1,2,3 Hour Training Blocks
pcAmerica’s Point of Sale Solution
One station license per terminal
We provide an hour of scheduled phone training with a technician
(recommended up-sell)
Every license comes with 90 days of FREE 24/7 technical support
pcAmerica offers additional years of support as a recommended
up-sell (one contract per terminal per year)
Software upgrades are free with a valid technical support contract