BUS 260c
Victoria Lyubykh
Prof. Slavova
Homework #3
Company: Inditex
Retailer: ZARA
Product: Apparel
There is a total of 1770 Zara stores and 166 Kiddy's Class stores. Some Zara stores operate as Lefties
stores instead of Zara, a brand for low-cost fashion. ZARA is the brand that is common worldwide,
providing people with affordable apparel all on every continent of the world.
The company promotes itself as “committed to environment” which appears to be one of the most
important issues nowadays. The company’s mission statement says “We save energy. {we are} the ecofriendly store.” Zara uses not only organic fabrics but also organic cotton in its designs, therefore,
reducing the use of pesticides, chemicals, and beach. The fragrances issued by ZARA are not tested on
When delivering items to retail stores and customers ZARA claims to use biodiesel fuel, thus,
reducing CO2 emissions by 500 tons a year.
Delivering superior value:
When shopping online a customer can observer the tabs called Look book and Pictures where
people who became clients of ZARA can share the looks they created. Apart from that, when
buying an item one can see the hovering tab where additional items are already offered for you to
go together with item you are about to buy. The ready-to-wear looks are ready-to-be-sold. For
the convenience of shopping ZARA also provides free online applications for all the operation
systems including IPhones, Windows Phones, Androids, and Blackberry.
ZARA produces less waste and recycles hangers and alarms, producing new plastic elements as
well as cardboard and plastic used for packaging each year is being recycled as well.
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