Earth Science: Unit 1

Earth Science: Unit 1
Rocks and Minerals
(The Earth Beneath Your Feet)
Lesson 1:
The Earth’s Surface (C-38 to C-43)
• Vocabulary: landforms, plateau, plains, volcano, lava,
magma, crust, mantle, core, deposition, Pangea, tectonic
plates, geologist
• Highlight sheets: “Landforms”, “The Earth’s
Lesson 1 cont’d
• Multimedia-- United Streaming clips, Eyewitness “Volcano”....Bill Nye
“Volcano”, “Earthquake”, and “The Earth’s Crust”
• Assignment: Lesson 1 Assessment
Lesson 2: Weathering and Erosion (C-44 to C47)
Vocabulary: weathering, erosion, chemical weathering, sand dune,
Highlight Sheets: Weathering (2)
Multimedia: United Streaming
Assignment: “How Do Rocks Change”
Lesson 3: Rocks and Minerals
(C-48 to C-53)
Vocabulary: properties of minerals, Moh’s scale of hardness,
rock cycle, igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary
Highlight Sheets: “Moh’s Scale”, “The Rock Cycle” (3)
Multimedia: United Streaming
Eyewitness “Rocks and Minerals”
Bill Nye “Rocks and Minerals”
Rocks and Minerals
“Let’s Rock” class activity
“Minds On” rock cycle chart
“How Do Rocks Form”
Lesson 4: Resources (C-56 to C-59)
Highlight Sheets-- “Zingers”…..
“Vocabulary Review”
Multimedia-- United Streaming clips
Assignments-“Resource Review”
“ Unit Review”
** Tentative test date: Friday, October 1st**