Blister Blocker Marketing Plan

Blister Blocker
Marketing Plan
Eden Avraham-Katz
Ross Garner
Laura Goldberg
Table of Contents
Executive Summary………………………………………………….4
Situation Analysis……………………………………………………5-7
SWOT analysis
Industry analysis
Competitor analysis
Company analysis
Customer analysis
Marketing- Product Focus…………………………………………..10-11
Market-Product Goals
Target Markets
Points of Difference
Marketing Program………………………………………………….12
Product Strategy
Price Stratergy
Placement Strategy
Promotion Strategy
Implementation and Evaluation
Works Cited…………………………………………………………..14
Executive Summary:
New Skin is a company, under the large brand of Prestige Brands, inc. already provides high
quality products for the outdoors man or woman. By using product line extension and simply
adding a subcategory of liquid bandages New Skin will be able to target entirely new market
segment. The new product of liquid bandages, Blister Blocker, will work as prevention against
blisters and will ultimately be targeted at Generation Y professional women, who wear heels on a
daily basis and have to deal with the blisters that come along with them. Blister Blocker will be
packaged in a different container than the original New Skin liquid bandage to help differentiate
the two products. It would be packaged in a small and portable tube with an easy to use
applicator for convenience and speed.
The following marketing plan details how New Skin will incorporate Blister Blocker into its line
of products. We will use both traditional and nontraditional marketing techniques in order to
spread the word, and other various sales promotion techniques. We will put emphasis on the
points of differentiation that New Skin Blister Blocker has in comparison to its competitors, and
show how Blister Blocker is ultimately better.
The goal is to provide woman the comfort and confidence they need to effectively be successful.
We want woman to be able to express the personal style and femininity with the assurance that
will be no later price of pain.
Situational Analysis
The situation analysis provides a brief idea of the current environment that Blister Blocker is in,
by providing a SWOT analysis, industry analysis, competitor analysis, company analysis, and
consumer analysis
SWOT Analysis
- Extremely convenient and easy to use with low involvement
- Fast drying and convenient packing for portability
- Recognized brand name
- Targeted towards a very specific market segment
- Could be difficult to differentiate from other similar products
- Possibility of expansion into more market segments
- Create brand equity and usage of other products within the line
- Other brands with similar products or the potential to create similar products
- Competitors may have easier access to channels of distribution based on brand name
- Consumers may read ingredients and could be concerned with chemical usages
Industry and Competitor Analysis
The foot care industry is projected to have sales reach $1.2 billion in 2012 and $3.2 by 2013.
This type of rapid growth will be a great opportunity for smaller companies to expand their target
markets it they want to stay competitive in this field. Currently the main product in the industry
is insoles. Liquid bandages make up only a fraction of the market, but it definitely has the
potential to increase its market share
Although New-Skin is the only company that primarily makes liquid bandages, other do
companies make similar products. Band-Aid brand makes a liquid bandage, which is used
primarily for medicinal purposes, but has also recently released a friction block stick. Dr
Scholl’s, who is a leader in the foot care industry with 36.7% of the market share, makes Rub
Relief Strips, Rub Relief Stick, and Blister Defense Anti-Friction stick. Although there are
definite competitors, New Skin Blister Blocker is the only preventative of blisters of its kind in
that it has the qualities of a liquid bandage and will not wear off, like its competitors that are
similar in consistency to deodorant.
Company Analysis
New Skin, under the Prestige Brand, Inc., already is a well recognized brand. They currently
hold the number 1 spot in terms of liquid bandages. The company prides itself on the quality of
its brand, and its fast drying and easy to use products.
Consumer Analysis
Customer analysis is divided into two categories. The first looks at the characteristics of the
targeted market segment and the second looks at the current trends that affect them
Characteristics of the Targeted Market Segment: Generation Y Professional
Currently there are around 70 million Americans who are considered to be part of Generation Y.
Generation Y is described as people born between the mid 1970’s to the 1990’s.
The Generation Y (or Gen Y) working woman is a multitasking, hardworking, fun-loving
individual. She is constantly on the search for right balance between work, friends, and family
that will make her happy.
Gen Y working women, although being hard workers, place a strong value on their personal lives
and are will to sacrifice in the professional sector to create the social life the desire.
The Gen Y women live a fast pace lifestyle and are easily distracted.
Most importantly, the Gen Y woman sees herself as an individual, a trendsetter, and someone
influenced by trends. She wants to stay ahead of the curve and seeks out information about the
world at large as well as in her inner circle. She is well aware that her appearance and lifestyle
say more about her than anything else but she also looks for it in other people.
As depicted in graph, 20% of Gen Y women admit to being influenced by what’s trendy,
21% say they like to show off their style, and 14% admit to wanting to impress people
with their lifestyle (popsugar, 8).
The Gen Y working woman is also very much socially aware. She knows and supports many
causes and is up-to-date on current affairs, whether it’s a natural disaster or the most recent
Hollywood break up.
The Gen Y woman has grown up in a consumerist society and places a strong value on
communication. She has been told her entire life that she can have it all, and she intends to have
it all.
Current trends affecting Generation Y Professional Women
Inflation has not at all affect the spending habits
Technologically inclined and responds more to those methods of advertising
She is not easily swayed by advertising and is annoyed by intrusive campaigns. She is looking to
be talked to, and not at by companies, and she wants to feel as if they are marketing to her for
reasons other than the company’s personal gain. She is looking for honesty and she wants to be
made to feel special and important.
The generation Y working woman has an extended social group, including of her family, friends,
co-workers, online reviewers, and bloggers. She relies on them for all her product questions and
needs, and trusts their opinions and advice.
As seen in image, the generation Y working woman is affected by a variety of sources
The Gen Y women are also constantly connected and extremely technologically aware.
As seen in the graph, 49% of Gen Y women spend time, at least monthly, on social
networking sites, 33% read blogs, 31% online shop, and 42% watch videos online
(Popsugar, 7).
Marketing Product Focus
This section will look at New Skin’s Blister Block’s market-product goals, its target market, its
points of difference, and its positioning.
Market-Product Goals:
Non-Financial Goals
- To aid New Skin in retaining its present status as the number 1 liquid bandage in the United
- To successfully enter the new market segment of generation Y working women
- To be distributed in the various drug stores, convenience stores, super markets, and in
various shoe stores, such as DSW, as well
- Have the product mentioned in at least 5 fashion blogs after its release
Financial Goals
- To maximize profits and get a financial return on investments
- Increase sales of New Skin liquid bandages by 25%
- Increase market share by .5%
- Have sold at least 5000 units from the new channels of distribution such as DSW and
Target Markets
The primary target market for New Skin Blister Block is Generation Y professional women.
These women, being professionals, are more likely to wear shoes that could cause discomfort
and blisters. They are also more likely to be the ones going out on the town at night to various
clubs and restaurants where they might feel inclined to wear shoes that could cause discomfort as
well. New Skin Blister Block will ultimately help prevent against skin irritation and blisters,
allowing these women to continue to be successful and to express themselves without the pain.
Points of Difference
Unique packaging for convenience. No other known competitor comes in a tube packaging with
a roll-on applicator for ease, speed, and portability. No competitors also have a variety of sizes
for travel either.
Unique texture and consistency of product. The other competitors within this market generally
come in stick form, similar to deodorant, where as New Skin Blister Blocker comes in the form
of a gel that dries quickly and creates a waterproof and flexible seal, similar to that of New Skin
liquid bandage. This allows women to wear this product all day and not worry about the product
wearing off.
In the past, liquid bandages have been for the purpose of protecting cuts, scraps, burns, and other
skin irritations after they have already occurred. It is considered to be a product used for
medicinal purposes. New Skin Blister Blocker, however, repositions liquid bandages as not only
a preventative tool against, but also a beauty product and must have that is part of their daily
New Skin Blister Blocker Position Statement: New Skin Blister Blocker is the only liquid
bandage product that allows women to express their personal style and femininity on a daily
basis, both comfortably and confidently.
Marketing Program:
The four elements of the marketing program are listed below.
This section covers the product, the packaging of the product, and the unique quality of the
Product: New Skin Blister Blocker is a liquid bandage product that will help prevent blisters
and skin irritation. It will provide women with a preventative method against blisters in a form
that they can use efficiently and regularly
Packaging: The packaging of New Skin Blister Blocker will be in tube with a roll on applicator
for easy, no mess application. The packaging will be plastic and simple, and will come in a
variety of sizes for convenience and portability.
Unique Quality: the product will be unique because it will be the first liquid bandage blister
prevention tool, as the other are forms of lubricants that could wear off. Blister Blocker will only
come off with actually washing and is both waterproof and flexible.
Original New Skin liquid bandages are currently sold for around $7.00, and given that Blister
Blocker is in a small container it should be sold for $5.99, and smaller size should be a dollar
Currently, New Skin liquid bandages are located in many drug stores and convenience stores, but
in the band aid or medical section. New Skin Blister Blocker would be located in the “foot care”
aisle. It will also be placed in shoe stores such as DSW and Marshals. It will also begin to be
found in beauty or cosmetic stores such as Sephora or Ulta.
Key promotion ideals include both traditional and non-traditional methods of promotion. It will
also include sale promotion tactics such as free trials
Traditional Methods:
- Magazine ads in various fashion magazines such as Glamour, Allure, Cosmopolitan, In-style,
- Celerity endorsement: Kelly Ripa who was the one who initially brought the High Heel-AThon to the United States
- Sale Promotions
o Work with Zappos and or DSW to include a free trial of New Skin Blister Blocker
with the purchase of a pair of new shoes
o Act as a sponsor of the New York marathon in heels, High Heel-A-Thon, and provide
a trial to each of the contestants
o Coupons for the product in various magazines
Non-Traditional Methods:
- Introduce product to a few fashion blogs and allow them to spread word about the product
Implementation and Evaluation
The product will be introduced into a few of the large drug stores, such as CVS and Walgreens,
and other convenience stores such as Wal-Mart and Target, until it has reached enough
popularity to be included into the remaining drug and convenience stores and eventually
cosmetic stores.
Success of the new product will be evaluated 6, 12, and then 18 months after the plan is first
implemented. The comparison of sale of New Skin products will be compared to those of sales
from the past 5 years, where an increase in both sales and market share will be evident.
Successful integration of the generation Y working women segment will be evident in the
mention of the product in at least 5 fashion blogs. Lastly, success will be measured by the selling
of at least 5000 units from the new channels of distribution such as DSW and Sephora.
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