What is software development?

Software development
Chapter 1 – What is software
What is software?
What is software development?
How is software developed?
Software development as an industry.
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What is software?
• Digital entities consisting of small simple
commands that can be run on a computer (or
similar device)
• Software applications process the user's input
and produce and display output
• Typically only available in digital (electronic)
Examples of software applications
• On computer
– Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop
– Web browser
• On phone
– Apps, such as:
• Map applications, timetables, messaging, games, etc.
• Online
– Google, Facebook, Twitter
What is software development?
• Work done to produce software and
• Projects need at least developes, designers,
and testers
• Software development happens on computers
using specialized programs and applications
• This results in programming code (code for
Software development as an
• Software development is a part of the IT industry,
its worth is significant
• Typically even a small software project is worth
• Experts from many different fields are needed
– Developers and testers
– Graphic designers, interface designers
– Salesmen, marketers, support stadd, trainers…
• Reflect on whether software can have a physical
• Come up with at least three examples of devices
that run software. Computers and phones do not
• Find out what tools are needed for software
development. Are pen and paper needed at all?
• What different job descriptions can software
development include?
Questions and answers 1
Why is software needed?
• Software has a significant role in the modern world, as
nearly all electronic devices contain software
• Similarly many things are controlled through software: cash
flows, public transportation timetables, satellites, television
programming, etc.
• The list is is long. The existence of software has a notable
effect on how we live and experience life. In the future, the
role of software will become even more pronounced.
Questions and answers 2
How much software development is done in Finland?
• In Finland, as in many other western countries,
software development and related fields are significant
• Actual software development employs approximately
20,000 people in Finland. Related field employ directly
or indirectly hundreds of thousands of people.
• Originally software development was born in England
and the USA.
Questions and answers 3
How can I start developing software?
• Software can be developed on many tools and
platforms. Typically starting it doesn't cost a cent.
Needed tools can be downloaded for free from
software development communities' websites.
• Professional development tools are usually
commercial, but even they usually have free
licenses for short-term testing.