Great Barrier Reef

•Larger than the Great Wall of China
•Only living thing on Earth visible from
•1,800 miles long
•500,000 years old
•Approx 3,400 individual reefs that make
up the barrier reef
•2,800 species of fish
•400 different types of coral
•500 species of sea weed
•215 species of bird
•15 species of sea snake
•6 species of sea turtles
•Coral reefs are found in shallow water,
ranging to depths of 60m
•Water temperatures range from 64 – 91F
•Generally occur in large numbers as colonies
of individual polyps linked by tissue
•Size – individual polyps range from 3-56mm
in diameter or height
- colony size varies from 75 – 1500mm
The reef has many species of marine life
that can be potentially fatal to humans!
• Mostly
found in deeper waters of the
•Small jellyfish approx 2cm diameter
•Divers & snorkelers are at risk
•Initial sting is usually not very
painful; however, 30 minutes after a
person usually has severe backache
or headache & shooting pains in their
muscles, chest & abdomen
•Possibly one of the most
dangerous creatures on the reef
•Mainly found around river mouths
& muddy shadow waters, they
rarely inhabit the reef islands
•“Stinger season” is from
November to March
•Size of a golf ball but its
poison is powerful enough to
kill an adult human in minutes
•There is no know antidote
•Resides in rock pools & coral
•“Glow” effect when provoked
or is defensive – most
dangerous at this time
•Look very pretty
•Several types are known to be very
dangerous to humans
•Venomous fin spines that can
produce painful puncture wounds
•Can inflict excruciating pain & possible death
•Dwell on stony, muddy bottom areas
•Visitors walking on the beaches (especially at
low tide) should always wear covered shoes
with a sturdy sole.
•Approx 15 species can be found on the reef
•Normally not aggressive
•No reported deaths!!
•Stingrays’ tail can inflict
serious lacerations & deep
Ocean Spirit
•Scuba Dive
Ocean Spirit
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