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Case Study: Coral Reef Interactions
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6th Grade PSI
This worksheet corresponds with the slide “Case Study: Coral Reef Interactions” in the
Ecosystem Interactions section of the presentation.
1. Organisms need water, food, shelter and air to survive. Which of these needs do
coral reefs provide for other animals?
2. Larger fish, such as jacks, barracudas and sharks, all compete for the smaller
reef fish. What type of competition is this?
3. Describe the mutually beneficial relationship that involves corals. How does each
organism benefit?
4. What are two examples of predator/prey interactions that involve corals? Provide
one example with corals as a predator and one example with corals as the prey.
5. Think about the information presented in the video. What is an example of
intraspecific competition that is present in a coral reef ecosystem?
6th Grade PSI
Ecosystem Dynamics