Corey Dillard AI scholarship essay My entire life has revolved

AI scholarship essay
Corey Dillard
My entire life has revolved around education. I did not choose my current
lifestyle; it was thrust upon me by my elders and America’s expectations of what
education is. I have been forced to sit in classrooms and listen for hours on end with
little breaks about things that I had no interest in. I have been made to sit and stare
instead of relax and play. And although I have had my dark moments I am glad that I
endured the torture that was high school. It has forced me to prioritize education,
even if it made me study things I did not want to study. My parents made me go to a
magnet school in north Austin, Tx. I had to reluctantly drive 45 minutes every
morning to get to a school that I did not even enjoy. But, as usual, my parents were
right in sending me there. Even though my grades suffered my first two years due to
an overwhelming amount of work, it taught me how to study and use my time well
and it put me around people that I knew valued education as highly as me (or at
least our parents shared the same interest). I had an awful time for a lot of high
school and I intend to not waste my hard work in the future.
I was rejected from my top choice school, UT Austin, because my grades
freshman and sophomore year were so poor. I got into some other good schools but
none that I thought of as highly as UT Austin. Instead of falling back on an alright
school I have chosen to attend UT Dallas where I know that if I work hard I can
easily transfer to UT Austin. This is my goal and the reason why I think AI should
invest in my education. I will not give up on the face of adversity, even if it is a flat
out rejection. I struggled through high school and made it out the other end and I
plan to use that to thrive at my university. I will not throw away the past four years
of hard work just so that I can have some fun or take it easy. I plan on using every
minute available to me in a productive way, whatever that takes. In the end it is not
going to be about the intelligence of the individual but how hard he or she decides to
work towards their goal. I will not tolerate failure. Failure not being a rejection or
botched project, but being instead accepting the sense of defeat that comes after the