Dear Grade 5 Parents Today your child completed the second last

Dear Grade 5 Parents
Today your child completed the second last level and is very close to completing all their
communication challenges.
In level 6 we looked at:
 HEAD CONNECTOR: Style your connection
 Think carefully and choose the best form/style of communication to say what you want to
 HEART CONNECTOR: Tweak your speak
 Understand who you are talking to so that you use appropriate language, tone of voice and
body language…before you choose the best style of communication.
 Know your audience and choose the right style of communication
 To learn the importance of understanding who you are talking to so that you can send an
appropriate message.
 This includes choosing the best style of communication for the different contexts.
Ever received a message on your cell phone and wondered why that person didn’t actually phone
you or speak to you face to face with the news they were sharing? Choosing the wrong style of
communication to convey a message happens all the time.
This level’s lessons have been about identifying the different styles of communication available and
through fun role playing, discussions and journal work, discovering what a huge impact it has when
we choose the wrong style compared to when we choose the right style of communication. We
spent time talking through knowing how to communicate with different people in different
Your child will need extra help completing their communication challenge this week as they take the
challenge to communicate something they have been avoiding to say. See more on page 95 in the
CTC journal.
Kind regards
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