Islam: Abrahamic religion

Islam: Abrahamic religion
God said, he would raise a nation from the
descendants of Isaac, and a nation from the
descendants of Ismael. God’s promise was fulfilled
with messengers and prophets born among their
descendants – many prophets from Isaac including
Jesus, and Mohammed from descendants of Ismael.
Muslims revere Abraham :
• Muslims regard Abraham as the father of
all prophets and messengers.
• Muslims hold all Biblical prophets and
messengers in great respect.
• Muslims do not hold any prophet higher or
lower than any one.
• Muslims believe: all messengers
(Monotheistic, Biblical) lead people to One
Almighty God.
Muslims believe:
• All messengers were creations of God, like
• All messengers were human, endowed
with special knowledge of religion.
• They delivered God’s law, for humans to
obey, do good works, and create a happy
Muslims observe Abraham’s rituals:
• Muslims begin their salat (service) with the
‘Prayer of Abraham’ – ‘I face the One who is the
Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, I am truthful to Him, and I
am not one of those who associate partners with Him’.
• The Muslim ‘salat’ ends with supplication
to God to bless Mohammed and his
followers and honor them, like He
honored Abraham and his followers.
Pilgrimage to Mecca:
• Muslim rituals of pilgrimage to Mecca
consist of worship of Allah at the ‘House of
Worship (Ka’ba - valley of the Pharand mentioned in the
bible ), built by Abraham and Ismael.
• Most sacred spot to stand and pray is called ‘The Place of
• Circumambulation of the Ka’ba is a ritual of Abraham as a form of
• Running between hills of Safa and Marwa – ritual commemorating
Hajira ( Hagar) looking for water.
• Sacrifice of a goat, cow or camel is a reminder of Abraham’s attempt
to sacrifice his son, upon God’s command.
Pilgrimage toMecca:
• 3:97 full of clear messages. [76] [It is] the place
whereon Abraham once stood; and whoever
enters it finds inner peace. [77] Hence,
pilgrimage unto the Temple is a duty owed to
God by all people who are able to undertake it.
And as for those who deny the truth - verily, God
does not stand in need of anything in all the
ٌ ‫ات بَ ِيـن‬
ٌ َ‫فِي ِه آي‬
ِ ِ ‫ان ِآمنًا َو‬
• ‫اس ِح ُّج‬
َ ‫يم َو َمن دَ َخلَهُ َك‬
ِ َّ‫علَى الن‬
َ ‫لِل‬
َ ‫َات َّمقَا ُم ِإب َْرا ِه‬
َ َ ‫ت َم ِن ا ْست‬
َ ‫سبِيالً َو َمن َكفَ َر فَإ ِ َّن هللا‬
‫ع ِن ْالعَالَ ِمي َن‬
ِ ‫ْالبَ ْي‬
َ ‫طا‬
َ ‫ي‬
َ ‫ع ِإلَ ْي ِه‬
ٌّ ِ‫غن‬
Islamic Faith:
• 2:136 Say: "We believe in God, and in that which has
been bestowed from on high upon us, and that which
has been bestowed upon Abraham and Ishmael, and
Isaac and Jacob, and their descendants, [111] and that
which has been vouchsafed to Moses and Jesus; and
that which has been vouchsafed to all the [other]
prophets by their Sustainer: we make no distinction
between any of them. [112] And it is unto Him that we
surrender ourselves."
ِ ِ‫قُولُواْ آ َمنَّا ب‬
َ ُ‫يم َو ِإ ْس َما ِعي َل َو ِإ ْس َحقَ َويَ ْعق‬
ِ ُ ‫نز َل ِإلَ ْينَا َو َما أ‬
ِ ُ ‫الِل َو َمآ أ‬
َ ‫نز َل ِإلَى ِإب َْرا ِه‬
‫ي النَّ ِبيُّونَ ِمن َّر ِب ِه ْم الَ نُفَ ِر ُق بَيْنَ أَ َح ٍد‬
ِ َ‫َواأل ْسب‬
َ ‫سى َو ِعي‬
َ ‫ي ُمو‬
َ ‫سى َو َما أو ِت‬
َ ‫اط َو َما أو ِت‬
(2:136( َ‫ِم ْن ُه ْم َون َْح ُن لَهُ ُم ْس ِل ُمون‬
More on Abraham in the Quran:
• Tell them:’ it is the religion of Abraham
• 2:125 AND LO! We made the Temple a goal to which
people might repair again and again, and a sanctuary:
[102] take then, the place whereon Abraham once stood
as your place of prayer." [103] And thus did We
command Abraham and Ishmael: "Purify My Temple for
those who will walk around it, [104] and those who will
abide near it in meditation, and those who will bow down
and prostrate themselves [in prayer]."
• ‫ع ِه ْدنَا ِإلَى‬
َ ‫َو ِإ ْذ َجعَ ْلنَا ْالبَي‬
ِ َّ‫ْت َمثَابَةً ِللن‬
َ ‫صلًّى َو‬
َ ‫يم ُم‬
َ ‫اس َوأ َ ْمنا ً َوات َّ ِخذُواْ ِمن َّمقَ ِام ِإب َْرا ِه‬
َّ ‫ي ِل‬
َ ‫يم َو ِإ ْس َما ِعي َل أَن‬
(2:125( ‫س ُجو ِد‬
ُّ ‫الر َّك ِِ ال‬
ُّ ‫لطائِ ِفينَ َو ْالعَا ِك ِفينَ َو‬
َ ‫’ ِإب َْرا ِه‬.
َ ِ‫ط ِه َرا بَ ْيت‬
The Ka’bah:
• 2:127 And when Abraham and Ishmael
were raising the foundations of the Temple
, [they prayed:] "O our Sustainer! Accept
Thou this from us: for, verily, Thou alone
art all-hearing, all-knowing!
• ‫ت َو ِإ ْس َما ِعي ُل َربَّنَا ت َقَب َّْل ِمنَّا‬
ِ ‫َو ِإ ْذ يَ ْرفَ ُِ ِإب َْرا ِهي ُم ْالقَ َوا ِعدَ ِم َن ْالبَ ْي‬
(2:127( ‫س ِمي ُِ ْالعَ ِلي ُم‬
َّ ‫نت ال‬
َ َ ‫ِإنَّ َك أ‬
Abrahamic Advice:
• 2:132 And this very thing did Abraham
bequeath unto his children, and [so did]
Jacob: "O my children! Behold, God has
granted you the purest faith; so do not
allow death to overtake you ere you have
surrendered yourselves unto Him ( as
َ ‫ص‬
• ‫طفَى لَ ُك ُم‬
ُ ُ‫صى ِب َها ِإب َْرا ِهي ُم بَ ِني ِه َويَ ْعق‬
ْ ‫الِل ا‬
َّ ‫َو َو‬
َّ ‫وب يَا بَ ِن‬
َ ‫ي ِإ َّن‬
(2:132( ‫ون‬
َ ‫ين فَالَ ت َ ُموت ُ َّن إَالَّ َوأَنتُم ُّم ْس ِل ُم‬
َ ‫الد‬
• 2:135 AND THEY say, "Be Jews" - or,
"Christians" - "and you shall be on the right
path." Say: "Nay, but [ours is] the creed of
Abraham, who turned away from all that is
false, [110] and was not of those who
ascribe divinity to aught beside God."
• ‫يم َح ِنيفًا‬
َ َ‫َوقَالُواْ ُكونُواْ ُهودًا أ َ ْو ن‬
َ ‫ص‬
َ ‫ارى ت َ ْهتَدُواْ قُ ْل بَ ْل ِملَّةَ ِإب َْرا ِه‬
(2:135( ‫ين‬
َ ‫ان ِم َن ْال ُم ْش ِر ِك‬
َ ‫َو َما َك‬
Abraham’s belief:
• 3:67 Abraham was neither a "Jew" nor a
"Christian", but was one who turned away
from all that is false, having surrendered
himself unto God; and he was not of those
who ascribe divinity to aught beside Him.
• ‫ان َح ِنيفًا ُّم ْس ِل ًما‬
َ ‫ص َرا ِنيًّا َولَ ِكن َك‬
َ ‫َما َك‬
ْ َ‫ان ِإب َْرا ِهي ُم يَ ُهو ِديًّا َوالَ ن‬
َ ‫ان ِم َن ْال ُم ْش ِر ِك‬
َ ‫َو َما َك‬
Followers of Abraham:
• 4:54 Do they, perchance, envy other
people for what God has granted them out
of His bounty? [71] But then, We did grant
revelation and wisdom unto the House of
Abraham, and We did bestow on them a
mighty dominion:
• ‫ض ِل ِه فَقَ ْد آت َ ْينَآ آ َل‬
ْ َ‫علَى َما آتَا ُه ُم الِلُ ِمن ف‬
َ ‫سد‬
ُ ‫أ َ ْم يَ ْح‬
َ ‫اس‬
َ َّ‫ُون الن‬
(4:54( ‫ع ِظي ًما‬
َ ‫اب َو ْال ِح ْك َمةَ َوآت َ ْينَا ُهم ُّم ْل ًكا‬
َ َ ‫يم ْال ِكت‬
َ ‫ِإب َْرا ِه‬