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April 8, 2015
A blessed Easter season to you. We
held four different events at our
home during Holy Week. The first
service was Thursday evening where
we prepared a very simple seder
supper. I explained the significance
of each food item, and Abraham told
the story of the Israelites’ exodus
from Egypt, connecting the story to
the new covenant we have with
Jesus. For those who attended, it was their first seder supper.
On Friday we hung blankets on the windows to darken the room, but lit a
candle to signify the life of Jesus. Abraham spoke about the seven last words
of Christ. When he told of Christ’s death, he extinguished the candle, leaving
us in darkness. The participants left quietly after that.
Sunday was entirely different. We spoke of
Jesus’ resurrection and sang songs of victory.
We removed the darkening window
coverings to let the brilliant sunlight in. After
that, we ate a potluck breakfast. Later that
afternoon, we reopened the house for games.
Just a few weeks ago, we had two different
baby showers at our home, the first that the moms-to-be ever had. A few
neighbor ladies came, along with a group from our church. As I write, one of
the ladies is having an emergency cesarean because of preeclampsia. She was
8 months pregnant. Along with that, her situation with her boyfriend is not
good. Please pray for both moms, neither of whom are believers.
After a couple months with no children coming for mid-week tutoring, we are
busier than ever. Now there are five children coming every Tuesday through
Friday for classes. Three of them had some rudimentary schooling, but two
had nothing, apparently not even basic lessons at home. With the six-year-old,
I am trying to teach her how to learn, since at this point, nothing seems to
Abraham uses The Action Bible to tell them stories when they first arrive.
After that I take them one at a time for reading and math lessons while the
others play. For the two youngest lessons are drawing lines and learning
numbers and colors. We may add computer typing classes, too.
Already established weekly activities in Huejotzingo:
- Kids´ club, Footprints of Christ, Sundays from 3 to 7 ish
- Tutoring and playing Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Friday
- English class Saturday
- Home visits various days
- Girls’ crafts or cooking Saturdays
In planning:
- Children’s Day event, April 26
- Mother’s Day coffee social, possibly May 8
- VBS, last week of July – the life of Abraham (the patriarch)
Please continue to pray for us. We have finished paying for some land, but
we still need to finish up paperwork to sell my mother-in-law’s house in
order to be able to build. Pray as we go to the US embassy in Mexico City
April 17 to register Leilani as a US citizen that there will be no
complications. Pray for health ,since at present we are recovering from
colds and Abishael has a bit of a cough.
Thank you and God bless!
The Lechuga family (Abraham, Rachel, Abishael, and Leilani)