2. Is Stuart welcomed by the family?


Unit Ten

Going Home

Warm-up questions

1. How do your family members treat you when you go home?

2. Is Stuart welcomed by the family? Why?

Background information

• 1. New York: an important state in the United States. Its great metropolis ( 大都市 ) and seaport, New York City, is the largest city in the United States. Long regarded as the cultural and financial capital of the country, it was the first capital of the newborn nation.

"Big Apple" is a nickname for New York City.

• |Greenwich Village:| a residential district of lower Manhattan, New

York City. An influx (


) of foreign immigrants settled there after 1880. Around 1910, the Village gained fame as the home and workshop of artists and of freethinkers.

2.Going Home :|a story originally circulating among the people. Over one year after it appeared in the *New

York Post* in 1971, there came out the popular song

*Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree* composed by Irwin Levine and Russell Brown, in which the story of *Going Home* was used. The origin of the yellow ribbon as a symbol of remembrance can be traced down to the Civil War when wives and loved ones of soldiers wore yellow ribbons. Today the yellow ribbon has come to symbolize a means of remembering someone who is away, possibly in danger

3. New Jersey: a state on the mid Atlantic coast of the

USA. It was admitted as one of the original Thirteen

Colonies in 1787. The region, settled by Dutch and

Swedish colonists in the 1620s and 1630s, was ceded to the English as part of New Netherlands in 1664, and became a royal province in 1702. The colony was strategically important in the American Revolution and was the site of a number of major battles, including the engagements at Trenton, Princeton, and Monmouth.

Trenton is the capital and Newark the largest city.

• 4. Washington:|the capital of the United States, on the Potomac

River between Virginia and Maryland and coextensive with the

District of Columbia. It was designed by Pierre L'Enfant and became the capital in 1800.

• 5.Florida: Florida is perhaps the most popular state in the Sun

Belt. In fact, it calls itself "The Sunshine State". It has a subtropical climate and is ideal for a winter vacation. From

November to March northerners and easterners come to lie on the warm, sandy beaches of Miami, Palm Beach and the other resorts along the coast. And that is why the boys and girls in our story are so eager to leave the "gray", "cold" city of New York to vacation in Florida

Language points


神秘的 mystery |n.|

• --The police are investigating the mysterious deaths of children at the hospital.

• --The way her mind worked was always a mystery to him.

• 2 folklore |n.| 民间传说

• -In folklore the snake is often a symbol of evil.

• 3.reappear |vi.| appear again after an absence 再 ( 出 ) 现

• --Many of these ideas reappear in his later books

• 4.anew |ad.| in a new or different way; again 重新;再

-- I was ready to leave everything behind and start anew in

5. sometime |ad.| at some uncertain or unstated time


• --We'll take a vacation sometime in September.

• 6 . fort |n.| building(s) specially made or strengthened for the military

7. defence of an area


• --At their reasonably cozy fort, a bell signaled daily worship tide



• --Strong tides make swimming dangerous

• 8. vanish |vi.| disappear

• --The youngster vanished without a trace one day and has never been found.

9 .

illfitting |a.|


• --Many children have problems with their feet, caused by illfitting shoes.

• 10 dusty |a.| covered with dust 满是灰尘的

• --Adrian cycled along the dusty road.

• 11 . mask |vt.| hide 遮盖;掩盖

--Mary lit a cigarette, trying to mask her agitation.

12 . chew |vt.|


• -- This meat's so tough I can hardly chew it!

13 root |v.| (cause to) be fixed and unmoving (








• -- This feeling of rejection is often deeply rooted in childhood

• 14 runaway |n.| person that has left home or escaped 逃跑者,出


-- The police tried every means to search for the runaway, but in vain.

• 15 brightly |ad.| in a bright manner, cheerfully 欢快地,高兴地

• --She smiled brightly.

• 16 swig |n.| long and large drink 痛饮

• -She took a long swig of coke.

• 1 7 retreat |vi.| go back; withdraw 退缩;退却,撤退

• --

He saw her and retreated, too shy to speak to her.

• 1

8 chatter |vi.| talk fast and noisily about sth. unimportant


• -She chattered away happily until she noticed I wasn't listening.

• 1 9 painfully |ad.| in great discomfort 痛苦地 painful |a.|

• --That is all the knowledge that he had so painfully acquired.

• --He sobbed as he recalled the painful memory.

• 20 jail |n.| prison 监狱

• -He's been in jail for three months already.

• 2 1guy |n.| (sl.) man; fellow 人;家伙

• --

Dave's a nice guy when you get to know him.

• 2 2yeah |ad.| yes

• --

"I really wanted to come, but I overslept." "Yeah, right. Then why didn't you set your alarm?"

• 23 parole |n.| conditional release from prison 假释

• --

He was released on parole after serving two years.

• 2

4 oak |n.| 橡树

• --

Above them, the branches of the oak tree were beginning to creak and sway.

• 2

5 exclaim |vt.| cry out suddenly because of surprise, anger, pain, etc.


• -He exclaims that it must be a typing error.

• 2 6 unformed |a.| immature 发育未全的,未成熟的

• --

His new company is still unformed and unnamed.

27 snapshot |n.| 快照

• --

I sent some snapshots of the kids.

• 2

8 tighten |v.| make or become tighter or firmer ( 使 ) 变紧; ( 使 ) 绷紧

• -I'd put the new tyre on, but I hadn't tightened up the wheel.