A Christmas Carol

Lesson 7: Stave 2
Lesson Objectives
At the end of this lesson
we will have described
the first ghost, and
discussed its’ impact on
Discussing last lessons homework
Last lesson, you were asked to
write a letter to the director of
the film version of A Christmas
 Volunteers to share?
Recapping last lesson
What has our study of small
sections from the film versus the
text taught us about:
How a writer’s choice of vocabulary helps the
reader understand key ideas in a text, such as
plot or the portrayal of characters?
 The strengths and weaknesses between a
written text and a film?
Predictions for the next stave
What information has
Dickens’ given to us about
what will happen in the
next stave?
 What predictions do you
have, regarding what will
happen to Scrooge in the
next stave?
Whole class reading
Follow along,
as we start to
read a
section of
Stave 2.
(page 23 - 26)
Questions to Consider
At the start of the stave how does Scrooge feel about
the events of the previous night?
What sort of words are used to describe the Ghost of
Christmas Past?
Sketch an image of the ghost, using this description.
Questions to consider
What do you suppose the Ghost
of Christmas Past will show
 What purpose will looking at
Scrooge’s past serve?
Whole class reading
Continue following along as the
teacher reads the next section
of Stave Two (page 26 – 29).
Questions to consider
do they go?
What is Scrooge’s first reaction?
Who do they encounter?
How does Scrooge feel about the
people he encounters?
Who is the ‘solitary child’?
What is he doing?
Plotting the Changes In Scrooge
How has Scrooge changed??
 For your assessment piece, you will be
asked to discuss how the four ghosts
help to change Scrooge. We will track
his progress in point form, as a class.
Please see Smart File, entitled
‘Plotting Changes in Scrooge’.