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Integumentary System Study Guide
1. What are the 3 vital roles of body membranes?
2. What are the two things that make up ALL epithelial membranes?
3. What are the three types of epithelial membranes? For each one, list its epithelial tissue,
connective tissue, function, and an example.
4. What are the two layers of the serous membrane called? Which one lines the organ and
which one is on the outside?
5. What are the two types of connective membranes? Where do you find each of them?
6. What are the three basic layers to skin?
7. What is the layer of the epidermis in which new skin cells form?
8. What is the very topmost layer of epidermis? Are the cells here living or not?
9. What is the order of the epidermis layers from top to bottom (superficial to deep)?
10. Does the epidermis have a blood supply of its own? How does it get blood? Which layer?
11. What layer of skin are most structures found it? Ex Sebaceous glands, sweat glands, hair.
12. What is the innermost layer of the skin? What is it made out of?
13. What are the two major functions of the subcutaneous layer?
14. What does subcutaneous mean? (Hint: sub= ? and cutaneous= ?)
15. What are the different two types of glands found in skin?
16. What do sebaceous glands secrete? Where do the ducts release the secretion?
17. What are the 3 characteristics of sebum?
18. What are the two different types of sweat glands? Which is found all over our bodies?
19. List 2 uses of sweat? (Think temperature, secretions, and pH)
20. What are the 3 current uses humans have for hair?
21. What are the 3 parts of hair? What makes the root and shaft different?
22. What are the 3 causes of infections?
23. List 1 infection caused by each of the 3 causes (total of 3 infections).
24. What is contact dermatitis?
25. What are the three degrees of burns? For each, list what layers of the skin are damaged
and how they must heal (regeneration/fibrosis/skin graft)
26. What are the 3 most common types of skin cancer? Which is least deadly? Most deadly?
27. What is the ABCD rule for recognizing skin cancer? List and define each of the 4 rules.
28. Why does skin become wrinkly in old age?