5th gr deep-sea search close reading - Ms-Clark

Lesson Plan Chart Form
Binghamton University
Teacher Name: Heather Clark
Subject: ELA
Lesson Topic: Amelia Earhart Close Reading
Date: 9/23/2013
Grade Level: 5th grade
Time Estimate: 30 minutes
Group Size: 4 students
I. Overall Rationale and Goal
Understanding of character and main idea
II. Preparation
Measurable Lesson Objective(s)
The student will identify character traits and motivations
The student will notice nonfiction text features, such as words in
bold print and headings
The student will identify the main idea of the article
NYS Common Core Learning Standards
 RL.5.4
 RI.5.1
 RI.5.2
IEP Objectives
Given a fifth grade journal writing prompt with two to three
bulleted questions, Dameon will write a paragraph with a topic
sentence, a detail and elaboration in response to each bulleted
question, and a closing sentence
Given a reading passage at her instructional level, Samantha will
answer 4 out of 5 inferential comprehension questions
Given a reading passage at her instructional level including ten
punctuation marks, Samantha will pause at all commas and ending
punctuation marks while reading aloud
Teacher Resources and Student Materials
 Highlighters, pencils, dry-erase easel, dry erase markers, list of
character traits for teacher list (teacher.scholastic.com) and
worksheets (article and question sheet)
 Written on easel (taken from teacher.scholastic.com list): athletic,
brave, creative, exciting, inventive, nasty, proud, shy, selfish, wild
Meeting Diverse Needs: Modifications & Accommodations (include objectives),
Enrichment Activities, Specific Individualized Strategies
Dameon requires short movement breaks during long segments of
instruction or tasks in class or with an adult in all settings, prompts
to return to the text when responding to questions for details, and
focusing prompts to complete the tasks given to him
Ethan requires thought prompts to assist with focusing thoughts to
respond to written paragraphs requiring supporting details
Samantha requires assistance with focusing her thoughts to
respond to questions, return to the text for understanding and
details, and understanding of text in general
Hilda requires assistance with grammatical and spelling structure
when composing her written responses to a text
Prerequisite Knowledge
The students have prior exposure to character
traits and the close reading strategy
AT and IT Considerations
 AT: short movement breaks, highlighters and
pencils to give students guided and independent
practice with strategy
 IT: easel to supply visual support, articles and
questions to support verbal communication and
understanding, highlighters and pencils to give
students guided and independent practice with
Arrangement of Physical Space & Group(s)
Teacher behind circular table, easel to right of
teacher; students seated around other side of
circle table
III. Procedures
Anticipatory Set / Introduction
Key Questions, Comments, Directions
Introduce/review character traits, main idea, and
close reading
Bring student attention to easel and explain these are character
traits that could be given to people and characters in stories.
Define character traits as “who a character or person is on the
inside, or their personality.” Ensure student understanding that
main idea is the main message, topic, or purpose of a text.
Explain to the students that a close reading is when we read an
excerpt very closely; paying attention to the little details in
text and read the text several times for details! Good readers
read twice!
Amelia Earhart was a great airplane pilot who broke many
flying records during the 1930s. After a flight in 1937,
Earhart disappeared forever. Today, you will read about a
search that took place in hopes to understand what happened
to her. We will read to understand the qualities of Amelia
Earhart and the qualities of David Jourdan (an explorer who
would search to find out what happened to her).
Concentrate- focus their attention to one area; vanisheddisappear without a trace; scheduled- a plan of activity;
launch- to plunge into action; trace- visible mark or evidence
of where someone or something was; deserted- a place
without civilization or people; rescued- freed or saved;
confident- sure of own ability; expectation- reasonable hope;
intact- remaining complete, whole, or undamaged; pioneer- a
person among the first to do something; fearless- without fear
or brave (wording taken and refined from
Model how to annotate text with your thoughts/questions while
reading the first section of the article aloud to the students
Students silently read article and annotate the article; teacher will
read the text aloud while students annotate
Students answer the question sheet supplied by ReadWorks,
given questions 1-5 only
Body of Lesson (Include Guided & Independent Practice)
Steps (Decreasing levels of support?)
Brief introduction of article
Review difficult words not defined in text
Model strategy
Students use strategy
Question sheet
Key Questions, Comments, Directions
Closure / Concluding Activity
Discussion, synthesize content of text
Key Questions, Comments, Directions
What are character traits of Amelia Earhart? What are character
traits of David Jourdan? How do you know? What did you notice
about the way the author organized the text? Did you notice
headings or bold print? How did these text features help you
understand? What is the main idea of the article?
IV. Follow-Up/Extension Activities
II. Assessment (Include samples of rubrics, worksheets, class monitoring form or data collection sheet, etc)
Of Student Learning
Of Teaching Process
How will you evaluate the objective?
Question sheet provided by ReadWorks website
Preparation and Delivery
III. Reflection on Lesson Taught
I think this lesson went…
Is there a need to re-teach? If yes, to the group or portion?
What went well?
What will I do differently next time?