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Class Registration
Lyman Guidance Department
Mary Adessa
 Michele Bello
 Judy Lee
 Mary Isaacson
 Joannie Shalls
 Patricia Reyes
Institute A-R
Institute S-Z
Academic Dean
Graduation Requirements
4 Credits of English
4 Credits of Math (in high school, must include Algebra 1 and Geometry)
4 Credits of Science (must include Biology)
3 Credits of Social Studies (World History, American History, American Government,
1 Credit of PE (Personal Fitness and ½ credit of additional PE)
1 Credit of Fine/Performing Art
9 Additional Credits of Electives (2 credits of the same foreign language are required for
university admissions)
= 26 Total Credits
2.0 Minimum GPA
Testing – Pass with Level 3 or Higher - Reading FCAT 2.0 in 10th Grade, Algebra 1 EOC
Take 1 class on virtual school (this can be ½ credit, such as Personal Fitness, but does not
include Driver’s Education for Class of 2016 or after)
Virtual School Sign Up
Other Diploma Options
Scholars Diploma – all of the requirements of a standard
diploma, plus students must also pass the Biology and US
History EOC’s and take more rigorous academic classes,
including 2 foreign language classes and at least 1 AP/DE class.
Scholars with Distinction – all of the requirements of a Scholar’s
diploma with additional foreign language and AP/DE credits, as
well as a 3.75 weighted GPA or higher
Merit Diploma – all of the requirements of a standard diploma,
including at least 1 Industry Certification Course which leads to
College credit and passing score on Industry Certification test.
*For more details, see page 2 of your Curriculum Guide.
Getting Help With Your Schedule
Thoroughly read the Curriculum Guide for class
descriptions and prerequisites
Talk to your current teachers about what you should take
in that academic subject area next year. It is strongly
recommended that you follow their advisement and do not
choose a different level or different course than what is
recommended. Teachers must initial in ink next to
Honors/AP choices and approve of the class.
Speak to your parents about course selection and get their
input. Parents must sign the bottom of the form in ink.
Getting Help With Your Schedule
There is a counselor on lunch duty everyday at a table
on the courtyard side of Guidance during both lunches
to answer student questions. Ms. Reyes is also available
during lunches in the hallway in Building 7.
Counselors can be called or emailed directly by students
and/or parents.
If you need assistance, speak to someone before you
are due to input your classes. DO NOT WAIT until the
day you are in the Media Center.
Intensive Reading is required if a student scores a Level
2 or below on FCAT Reading. Intensive Math classes
may be required if you do not pass the Algebra or
Geometry EOC.
Please choose alternates for ALL of your elective
choices because you may not get your top choices. If
you don’t have enough alternates and your top choices
aren’t available, you will get placed in whatever class is
available and not be able to change it.
Important Registration Dates
Students will get their registration cards on February 12th
during 3rd period. *When you get it, confirm that your contact
information on the top is accurate (i.e., address, phone number)
Students will input the schedules into their Skyward account in
the Media Center through Science classes at some point between
February 21st -28th
Since students are entering schedules into Skyward on specific
dates, late schedules will not be accepted. It is your
responsibility to get signatures from parents/teachers before
your scheduled date in the Media Center.
Schedule Change Policy
Choose courses wisely!! It is extremely difficult to
change schedules once they are finalized. Standard
academic classes are typically full during the school year
so Honors and AP course selections are full year
The only times a schedule change will be guaranteed is
if you have already earned credit in the course, the
prerequisite was not completed, or if you are scheduled
for too few or too many classes.
*For more details on Steps to a Successful Registration and our
Schedule Change Policy, see page 3 of your Curriculum Guide
See your counselor if you’re
interested in signing up for…
 Plato
 Office
 Dual Enrollment
 Taking virtual classes during the
school day
Economics/US Government
(Juniors Only)
Standard and Honors level classes will have a
virtual component within the classes that will
satisfy the virtual requirement for graduation (in
case you don’t have your virtual requirement
complete yet)
AP Macro and AP Gov will be blended together
during the course of the school year to help
students perform better on AP exams. So you
will have to sign up for both AP classes.