Chapter 3 and 4 Study Guide

Sociology: Chapter 3 and 4 Study Guide
1. Describe and give examples of formal and informal sanctions.
2. What is the process by which a norm becomes a part of the individual’s personality, thus
conditioning that individual to conform to society’s expectations?
3. Define technology and how is important to sociology?
4. What are sanctions?
5. What is the process of spreading culture traits from one society to another?
6. Define negative sanction and give an example.
7. What is extreme self-centeredness?
8. What is the tendency to view one’s own culture or group as superior to others?
9. What is a primary group? Include examples.
10. What is social structure?
11. A group in which interaction is impersonal and temporary in nature?
12. Define a formal organization.
13. What is a role? Give examples of a role one might play in their social behavior.
14. What is a bureaucracy? Give an example.
15. What is a group?
16. Define iron law of oligarchy.
17. What is an e-community?
18. Define exchange theory.
19. A commitment to the full development of one’s personality, talents, and potential is known as?
20. What is ideology?
21. Define social control. Give examples of social control.
22. What are the three reasons that people resist cultural change?
23. Define the four preindustrial societies and be able to describe the main food production means
and how labor is divided.
24. Define urbanization.
25. Describe the five types of social interaction and give examples of each.
26. What is achieved status and give an example?
27. What is a master status and give an example?
28. What is an ascribed status and give an example?
29. Define role expectations.
30. What is a role set?
31. Define division of labor.
32. What is a social category?
33. People who influence the attitudes and opinions of others are said to be what?