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College Prep Biology
Mr. Freidhoff
Contact Information:
Phone: (814) 355-4833 Ext. 8117
Bellefonte Area High School
830 East Bishop Street
Room 117
Bellefonte, PA 16823
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Biology Exploring Life by Campbell, Williamson and Heyden
Topics of Study:
1. Exploring Life: Introducing Biology
- Chapters 1 – 3
2. Exploring Cells
- Chapters 4-8
3. Exploring Inheritance
- Chapters 9-13
4. Exploring the History of Life
- Chapters 14-15
5. Exploring the Microbial World
- Chapter 16
6. Exploring Ecology
- Chapters 34-36
Required Class Materials:
- Lab Notebook
- Notebook
- 3 ring binder
- Writing Utensil
- Be on time
o When you enter my class, take a seat and start working on the warm-up question
o Being late more than twice will result in consequences
- Be prepared when you arrive
o Pen/Pencil
o Homework or any other assignment
o Notebook/Lab Notebook
o Textbook (if needed)
- Be Respectful
o No name calling, no negative attitudes
o Respect yourself and other
o Raise your hand to speak and wait to be called on
o Listen to others, do not interrupt
o Treat equipment and class supplies with respect
o All work is due at the beginning of the class period or when specified by the
teacher. If it is not turned in at that time it is considered late and will follow
the late policy.
o Assignments must be turned in with your name and class period.
o If your work does not have your name on it and/or is illegible, your work cannot
be read/graded, or you leave incomplete sections: this may result in a zero.
o Always come to class with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn! In turn, I
promise to come with a positive attitude and excited to teach!
o Do your BEST! Effort and attitude go a long way towards success. If you try your
very best, you will succeed in my class.
Major Assignments:
- Class Work: Worksheets, class assignments, and warm-up questions should be completed
in class unless instructed by differently by the teacher.
- Employable Skills: These are skills that every job will require you to have. (Bringing a
writing utensil to class, showing up on time, not being a distraction, not talking while
you’re supposed to be working, and having a positive respectful behavior.) Infractions
will result in a lowering of this grade.
- Labs: Interactive and engaging labs play a large role in science. I will be grading your
laboratory procedures and safety during lab sessions. These are easy points if you can
follow directions and be safe in lab. All labs must be made up if absent unless instructed
on by the teacher. It is the student responsibility to make up the labs.
- Lab Reports: Throughout the year we will complete several lab reports. Grades will be
given on the complete and accuracy of pre-lab questions, lab reports, and in-class data.
- Quizzes: Quizzes will be given periodically throughout the year to make sure students are
putting forth an effort with their notes and studying.
- Tests: Tests will be given at the end of one or several chapter depending on the amount of
information. Cheating on tests results in an automatic “0” on the test.
Mr. Freidhoff’s Policies:
Late Policy: You have until the next following calendar day to turn in an assignment to me for
no higher than a 75%. After that next day, I will not accept any work and the grade of a “0” will
be given. Late assignments MUST be turned it to me DIRECTLY at the beginning of class.
Make-Up Policy: As for excused absences, you have the same amount of days (not class
periods) to make up homework that you missed. So if you are gone one day, you have one day to
make it up. If you do not make up the work within the allotted time, it will be counted late and
goes for tests, quizzes, labs, homework, etc. Whatever is not made up in the proper amount of
time will become zeros.
Cheating Policy: All cheating policies are listed in the student handbook. Cheating will result in
an automatic “0” on the assignment, class work, or test. The student will also be written up for
this infraction. Students caught plagiarizing work will also be given a “0” on that assignment and
be written up. It is better to fail an assignment or test and get some points than rather cheat
and get no points.
Cell Phone Policy: The district-wide cell phone policy will be applied in my classroom. Please
refer to the student handbook if you have any questions.
How to succeed in my class…
1. Be involved in class discussions and activities. An engaged mind is a learning mind.
2. Take good notes and review them often. Ask questions if you don’t understand. Even
looking at notes for 10 minutes a day can help!
3. Keep up with homework. There is a reason why I give you homework. Do it, study it,
know it!
4. Use class time to complete work, don’t be a distraction to the other students or myself.
5. Take responsibility for your education.
Role of the Parents/Guardians:
Parents/Guardians fill a very important role in their young adult’s education. Parents/Guardians
are encouraged to participate in their student’s learning by checking for assignments and test
dates online, checking notebooks for assignments, aiding students in projects or homework, and
sharing applicable knowledge or expertise with their child. Parents are encouraged to initiate
contact with me to track student progress at any time.
Mr. Freidhoff
CP Biology
Syllabus and Course Requirements Acknowledgment Page
STUDENTS (please check each box):
 I have carefully read and understand the course requirements for Mr. Freidhoff’s class. I will
honor them at all times. I understand the consequences for not doing so.
 I am aware of the cheating policy.
 I am aware of the late work policy.
Student Name (please print)
Student Signature
PARENTS/GUARDIANS (please check each box):
 I have carefully read and discussed the syllabus and course requirements with my child.
 I am aware of the cheating policy.
 I am aware of the late work policy.
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