Myth Madness - Herscher CUSD #2


Myth Madness


Mrs. Schultz


The only being at the beginning of time.

What came from Chaos?


—Sky God

Gaia or Gaea

—Earth Goddess


Son of Uranus and Gaia

Killed his father, Uranus

Prophecy was that Cronus would be killed by his child

Cronus swallowed his children whole


Wife of Cronus

Tricked him into swallowing a rock instead of son Zeus

Zeus was raised by another family and came into greatness so Cronus spared him.

Cronus was defeated!

Cronus had the help of the titans.

Zeus had the help of the Cyclopes and the

Hundred-Handed Ones.

Zeus divides the power


—God the Sky


—God of the Sea

Hades--God of the Underworld

Where do the gods live?

Mount Olympus, Greece

Chapter 2:

Let’s Start With the Ladies—The



– Goddess of Crops and Agriculture

– Happy—fields are green, grasses grow

– Sad—fields and grass suffer

– Mother of Persephone

– Myth explains seasonal changes

Let’s Start With the Ladies

The Goddesses


– Sister and wife of Zeus

– Queen of the Gods

– Mean, jealous

– Hated Heracles (Hercules)

– Drove Heracles to kill his own sons

– Often tried to kill him; always lost

Let’s Start With the Ladies

The Goddesses


– Halo over her head

– Guardian Angel of Goddesses

– Helped orphans and lost children

– Helped people enjoy family life

Let’s Start With the Ladies

The Goddesses


– Goddess of Wisdom

– Born from Zeus’s head (big headache!)

– Hephaestus hit Zeus in the head with an ax and out popped Athena.

– She came out full grown and with a sword

Athena and a Contest

A human girl, Arachne, bragged about being the best weaver around even though

Athena invented weaving.

Athena challenged her to a contest and

Arachne lost.

Arachne hung herself; Athena turned her into a spider. (Hmmm…arachnids?)


Goddess of Love

Born from the sea and the dismembered pieces of Uranus

Most beautiful woman ever seen!

Men brought her gifts, and Hera made her choose Hephaestus

Women can start wars!

The goddesses were arguing over who was the most beautiful. Paris chose

Aphrodite in order to get the most beautiful girl in the world, Helen of Troy.

Helen left Menelaus and caused the

Trojan War.

The Trojan War

Spartans vs. Trojans

All because of Helen of Troy!

Chapter 3: Let’s Hear It for the Boys

The Gods


– God of the Underworld

– Ruled the dead

– God of Wealth

– Invisible helmet

– Kidnapped Persephone

The Gods


– God of the Sea

– Uses a three-pronged trident

– Violent and unpredictable

– Greedy

– Second in command to Zeus

The Gods


– God of the Sky

– Father of them All

– King of all Gods

– Fathered many gods and goddesses

Chapter 4:

The Many Children of Zeus


– God of the Sun

– Most handsome

– Son of Zeus and Leto

– Taught wisdom not material gifts

– Invented music

– Killed Marsyas and nailed his skin to a tree where a river formed

—still there today!

The Many Children of Zeus


– God of War

– Son of Zeus and Hera

– Always in armor and wearing a helmet

– Out of control temper!

– Loves Aphrodite

The Many Children of Zeus


– God of the Vine

– Invented Wine

– Brings joy and anger to people

– Wine is both sweet and sour

– Known to drive people crazy

– Born from Zeus’s thigh

The Many Children of Zeus


– God of Smithing

– Son of Zeus and Hera

– Born small and ugly

– Hera threw him off a cliff

– Amazing craftsman

(thunderbolts, jewelry, trident)

– Married Aphrodite

The Many Children of Zeus


– Messenger God

– Son of Zeus and Maia

– Rotten and mischievous

– Stole Apollo’s cows

– Played the lyre

– Winged shoes

– Worked for Hades and Zeus

The Many Children of Zeus


– Son of Zeus and Danae

– Grandfather sent Perseus and Danae away

– King Polydictes raised them; King wanted to marry Danae

– Sent Perseus to get Medusa’s head

– Gets head and kills grandfather

– Saved Andromeda

Chapter 5: Top Ten Lesser Gods

The Erinyes (Tisiphone, Mageara, Alecto)

– Responsible for punishing crimes

– Also called “Furies”

– Followed bad, evil people and drove them to their deaths

– Came from the blood of Uranus

Chapter 5: Top Ten Lesser Gods


– Unpopular

– One of the women to indirectly caused the

Trojan War

Chapter 5: Top Ten Lesser Gods


– God of Love (Cupid)

– Son of Aphrodite

– Blinded because love is blind

– Arrows he throws are magically treated

Chapter 5: Top Ten Lesser Gods

The Fates

– Decided each person’s identity

– Chose if you were good or evil

Clotho-Spinner, Spun the thread of life

Lacheis-Measurer, Decided the length

Atropos-Shears or cuts the thread

Chapter 5: Top Ten Lesser Gods

The Graces

– Sang and danced for the gods

– Daughters of Zeus and Eurynome






—good cheer

Chapter 5: Top Ten Lesser Gods


– Goddess of Youth

– Daughter of Zeus and Hera

Chapter 5: Top Ten Lesser Gods

The Muses












—Epic Poetry


—Love Poetry


—Songs to the Gods


—Lyric Poetry

Chapter 5: Top Ten Lesser Gods


– Helped to avenge those who were wronged

– People were scared of her!

Chapter 5: Top Ten Lesser Gods


– God of Goatherds and Shepherds

– Son of Hermes (half goat/half man)

– Goat horns and feet

– Term “panic” comes from him

Chapter 5: Top Ten Lesser Gods


– God of Death

– Friendly with Hades

– Lived in the Underworld

Chapter 6: Foolish Mortals


– Mortal girl

– Athena changed her hair to snakes when she caught her with Poseidon in Athena’s palace

Chapter 6: Foolish Mortals


– Wife of Jason, she could cast spells

– Jason left her and she made his new bride a wedding dress that killed her

– She killed her own sons to get back at Jason

Chapter 6: Foolish Mortals

King Midas

– Everything he touched turned to gold

– His daughter turned to gold

– He asked to be changed back and was

Chapter 6: Foolish Mortals


– Great inventor

– Killed his nephew Talos because he was bragging about being a better inventor

– Athena forced him to leave Athens

– Escaped the Labyrinth with his son Icarus

Chapter 6: Foolish Mortals


– Made by Hephaestus out of clay

– Athena breathed life into her

– She opened the box that brought disease and bad thoughts to the world.

Chapter 6: Foolish Mortals

King of Thessaly

– His children were rescued by the magical ram


– In love with himself

Chapter 7: Top Ten Monsters


– AKA Panoptes

– 100 eyes

– Giant

– Killed by Zeus

Chapter 7: Top Ten Monsters


– Part human and part horse


– 3 Headed Watch-Dog

– Guarded the Underworld for Hades

Chapter 7: Top Ten Monsters


– Daughter of Poseidon

– Killed people for fun


– One eye in forehead

– Gigantic monster

Chapter 7: Top Ten Monsters


– Face of a woman

– Body of a vulture


– Fairies in the woodlands and ponds

Chapter 7: Top Ten Monsters


– Winged flying horse

– Son born out of Medusa’s head


– Bird of Apollo

– Could burn and rise from the dead


– Half bird/Half woman

– Enchanting songs lured sailors to death