An area in the landscape that links places together using any
parameter the geographer chooses.
An area that has something in common.
There is no set
size for a
Functional regions – A functional region has a center
point, or, a “node.”
The function of the region is most intense at the center
but lose their characteristics or importance the further
the distance from the focal point.
Distance decay
Why don’t we shop at
Baybrook Mall in
Clear Lake?
While it is the primary
mall for the Clear
Lake “region,” it is
too far away and thus
we are out of its
“functional region.”
Travel areas to shopping and work
Regions are defined by something or
many things they have in common.
Resources for Members of the
National Network of Libraries
of Medicine (NN/LM)
Functional Regions
Vermont public radio
classical radio stations
Crossroads This
Week is a
newspaper serving
an approximately
4,000 square mile
area northwest of
Brandon, Manitoba,
Perceptual regions
Everyone knows roughly where they are, though there
are no defined boundaries.
Where do most of us
Who is the mayor, or,
where is the city hall or
downtown Cypress?
Most people know
where Cypress or CyFair is, but, we are not a
city and don’t even have
a “city limits” sign.
Use with the “regions” map lesson handout part 2
Outline five “regions” of the USA and label
on map A.
On map B, outline and number where you
think the “regions” below would be.
1. The South
2. Northeast
3. Southwest
4. Midwest
5. Northwest
6. West
7. North
8. Sunbelt
9. New England
Perceptual regions-these
reflect human attitudes and
feelings. They are subjective.
Where does the
“South” begin and
Where is the
Regions can be neighborhoods – although different
people may call the regions by different names.
Think of several names
that you might use for
these areas of a town.
The “rich” part of
town, “across the
tracks”, poor side
of town, ghetto,
Formal regions
have defined
You know when you
enter, you know when
you leave.
Parishes (counties)
of Louisiana
Formal regions “get a
Identify the functional
and formal regions
found on this map.
McDonalds restaurants
are functional regions
with loose areas where
people will go to one or
two restaurants.
The formal regions
would be Alabama,
Tennessee, and
Georgia, as well as each
Name the “regions”
Areas of influence
Starbucks Stores
Think about your school commons. Are there
“regions” that certain people always eat in?
Would these be formal, perceptual, or
functional regions?
Take a sheet of paper. Lay out the Cy-Woods commons
and label the “regions” where people sit. (make certain
not to use offensive language)-topics to consider:
smart people, jocks, teachers, AP’s, band, ethnic
groups, guys, girls, freshmen, sophomores, etc…
Have several students discuss or draw on the
board where their ideas of the regions are in the
Are there differences? Compare and contrast.