intro to Oxidation and reduction quiz - ESCI350-351-2012

ESCI 350 – Chem 30 Quiz
Winter 2012
Miss Little
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1. Oxidation and reduction reactions are called REDOX reactions. Give 3 examples of REDOX
reactions that occur in everyday life.
-rusting (or corrosion)
-bleaching agents
-burning (or combustion)
2. State which acronym you use for remembering what oxidation and reduction mean. Then,
explain what the acronym stands for.
Possible answers:
OIL RIG: Oxidation Is Loss of electrons; Reduction is Gain
LEO says GER: Loss of Electrons = Oxidation; Gain of Electrons = Reduction
3. True or False: The following redox reaction is balanced:
K(s) + Cr3+(aq)  Cr(s) + 3K+(aq)
Answer: False
4. In this simple cell diagram, which element is being oxidized?
ESCI 350 – Chem 30 Quiz
Winter 2012
Miss Little
5. In the following reaction, identify whether calcium is being oxidized or reduced and whether
hydrogen is being oxidized or reduced.
Ca(s) + 2 H2O(l)
Ca(OH)2(aq) + H2(g)
Calcium = oxidized
Hydrogen = reduced