Unit 1 Projects - Reitz Memorial

Japan in the News
Assignment: Find a recent (recent is defined as within the last month) newspaper article (print copy or
online) about Japan. The article could be about sports, culture, politics, the economy, any topic of
interest to you. Cut out or copy the article. In one typed paragraph, summarize the article. Include in
your summary your reaction to what you learned, especially if it specifically ties to something we have
studied so far or that you think might be of interest to the class. Finally, complete an MLA citation for
the article.
Article—1 pt
Summary—6 pts
--Make it typed, grammatically correct, and a reaction not just a summary.
MLA citation—3 pts
--Use your writer’s guide to help you.
Bonus: Students can earn a bonus point if they find an article that is different from what someone else
in class found.
Travel Brochure
Assignment: Pick a city or island in Japan and create an original travel brochure advertising that place.
You may want to include information on the landscape, the weather, the people, important sights to
visit, etc. Please use a tri-fold format so that you have six panels.
1 panel must include important information—your place name and a picture or pictures (1 pt)
1 panel must include pertinent information—your name, class, date (1 pt)
1 panel must include citation information using MLA format (5 pts)
3 panels must promote the place in Japan you are advertising (5 pts each = 15 pts)
--brochures use lots of pictures
--brochures often bullet point ideas rather than writing in complete sentences
--make sure your grammar is correct
--remember you are selling us on this place, so highlight the positives
--use good descriptive details and key facts or interesting statistics
We will present our brochures for the class. Presentation is worth 3 pts.
--know your information so you are not reading to us
--you may wish to include additional information
If you wish… you may create a power point instead of a brochure. Have 6 pages and follow same
format. Please print out a hard copy for me and be prepared to share your power point with the class.
You may create a poster. Again, include all the same information… although the organization and layout
will look slightly different.
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