Midterm Review Physics 2016

1. John loves running in straight lines. John runs due north 100m then due east 400m, then South 50m.
John feels adventurous and runs 600 meters at 30 degrees West of South. Determine the magnitude and
the angle of John’s displacement.
2. A 1-kg ball is kicked with a velocity of 20m/s at 30 degrees to the horizontal. (no air resistance)
a. Find the maximum height of the ball.
b. Find the range of the ball
c. Determine the time of flight.
d. Determine the maximum kinetic energy and potential energy of the ball. Find the maximum height of
the ball by using its kinetic and potential energy.
3. A train with mass 9.2*104 leaves the station at 1pm heading East at a constant 30 m/s, Another train
with mass 7.22*107 leaves the station at 2pm and heads due West at 45 m/s. The trains are on a
collision course and are 600Km apart. What time do the two trains collide?
4. After the collision the trains fuse together and move as a single SUPER TRAIN, determine the
magnitude of the velocity and the direction of the motion after the collision.
5. A race car makes 300 laps around a track in 3 hours, making only left turns!! The track has a
circumference of 4280 meters, the care has a mass 1.5*103 kg.
Find, the velocity of the car, centripetal acceleration, and the centripetal force experienced by the car.
6. A 5kg wooden block starts at the bottom of a wooden incline and is dragged to the top of a 40 meter
incline by a force that is parallel to the incline. The mass moves at a constant speed and the incline is
angled at 30 degrees.
a. kinetic friction
b. total work
c. work done against gravity
d. work done against friction
7. The kinetic and potential energy of a pendulum are both found to be 300J when the bob is .5m above
its lowest point. If the mass of the bob is 1-kg and the mass of the string is negligible. Determine the
maximum potential and kinetic energy. What is the maximum height of the bob? What is the velocity of
the bob at its lowest point?
8. A spring is compressed by a 50N force. The spring compresses .2m. Determine how much the spring
will compress is a force of 6N acts on the spring.
9. Determine the gravitational force between the earth and the moon. If the moon were to triple its
distance from the earth, determine the new gravitational force.