Wright State University ME 499, Spring 1997

Wright State University
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
ME 213, Winter 2011
Open Book, Closed Notes, DO NOT write on this sheet, Show all work
Problem 1 (15 points): The motion of a particle is defined by the relation 𝑥 = 15𝑡 3 −
19𝑡 2 + 3𝑡 + 7, where x and t are expressed in meters and seconds, respectively.
Determine the position and the velocity when the acceleration of the particle is equal to
Problem 2 (30 points): Block B starts from rest and moves downward with a constant
acceleration. Knowing that after slider block A has moved 450 mm its velocity is 5 m/s,
determine the accelerations of A and B, and the velocity of B after 1.2 s.
Problem 3 (40 points): A 22-kg package is at rest on an incline when a force P is applied
to it. Determine the magnitude of P if 8 s is required for the package to travel 6 m up the
incline. The static and kinetic coefficients of friction between the package and the incline
are both equal to 0.25.
Problem 4 (15 points): Rod OA oscillates about O in a horizontal plane. The motion of
the collar of mass m is defined by the relations
𝑟 = 𝑎 + 𝑏 cos ( 2 );
𝜃 = 𝜋(𝑡 2 + 𝑐𝑡)
Determine the radial and transverse components of the force exerted on the collar.