Physics Review Sheet

Physics Review Sheet
Chapter 9
1. What is the momentum of a 115g tennis ball traveling at 47 m/s?
2. A 7500 N force is applied to stop a car that has a mass of 2300 kg traveling at 22m/s.
How long does the force need to be applied?
3. A rubber ball with a mass of 85 g is rolling on a surface at 2.2 m/s. It strikes a steel
ball with a mass of 185 g and stops. What will be the velocity of the steel ball after the
4. An 86 gram bullet traveling at 1200 m/s East strikes a 2.5 kg block of wood. The
bullet lodges in the block. What is the velocity of the block and bullet after the collision?
5. A wagon with a mass of 15 kg moving at 8.4 m/s East strikes a bicycle that has a mass
of 25 kg and is moving at 13.5 m/s West. After the collision, the wagon is moving at 2.3
m/s West. What is the velocity and direction that the bicycle moves after the collision?
Construct a diagram.