Elementary Principal Meeting 6122015

Elementary Principal’s Meeting
June 12, 2015
Presented by: Phoebe Newsome
Make sure deposits are made daily
 There should be a deposit made everyday
school is in session.
Ending Bank Balance
 Should be the same as statement ending
balance on Reconciliation Report.
Review bank charges and returned items
Statement Ending Balance-make sure it is
the same as on Bank Statement
 Scan vendor checks issued – old
outstanding ones may need replacing
 Review other reconciliation items
› Deposits in Transit
› Bank Charges
› NSF Checks
#1 Receipts collected for the month
 #2 Total Receipts collected for the year
 #3 Payments made for the month
 #4 Total Payments made for the year
 #5 Net Effect of receipts less payments
 #6 Beginning Balance of each activity
 #7 Current balance of each activity
 #8 Outstanding Purchase Orders
Column #1- If each activity has been
collecting the expected revenue.
Column #3- See what each activity has spent
for the month.
Column #7- Make sure each activity is not
operating with a negative balance. Totals
include public and non-public on this
Column #8-Encumbrances –Outstanding
purchase orders
Details your revenue and expenditures
 Ending balances should match the
grand total on the Principal’s Report
•Public Funds Only
•Any expenditure for services, purchase
of materials, equipment and/or
supplies in a fiscal period in the amount
•If paid with non-public funds
•If service is considered Public Works (Applies to any
construction, repair, renovation, or maintenance of public
buildings in excess of $50,000) –Please contact Finance
Office before assuming….
•If Product is offered via Purchasing Consortium:
•State Bid
• U.S. Communities,
•North Alabama Cooperative Purchasing Association
•Alabama Joint Purchasing Program
•If item/service is exempt from bid (professional services,
books, maps, pamphlets, security items)
Your Picture
Funds received from public (tax) sources.
Funds received from non-tax sources but used for public
Any funds under the direct control of the school principal.
1) Personal Items for Staff (Example: Gifts, Flowers, T-Shirts):
2) Professional Development Training:
3) Scholarships for Students:
4) Academic Incentives for Students:
5) School landscaping and decorations:
6) Food Items for Social Gatherings:
7) Refreshments for Open House:
8) Memberships in Professional Organizations:
9) Memberships to Private Organizations:
10) Extra pay to an employee for planting flowers over the weekend:
Unallowable…from school funds but can be paid through payroll
Get out your personal check book…..
And Start Writing….
Not the same card as Classroom Material card
Public Fund purchases ONLY
Secure funding before purchase is made
(Requisition/Purchase Order)
Bill will be paid at local school on a monthly basis
Contact Jana with issues
Elementary Principal’s Meeting
June 12, 2015
Presented by: Mike Weaver
Compensatory Time – Allowed.
› Account for their time on Time Sheet
› No pay unless approved
Overtime – Not Authorized.
Not allowed by local schools.
 Contracts must be approved and
funded prior to work commencing.
Teachers allowed to spend funds for
Instructional supplies.
 Cut-Off Dates
 No voting required.
 Next Year
› Credit Cards
› Voting etc.
Be careful with custody.
Thing of Value
› Any gift, benefit, favor, service, tickets or
passes to an entertainment, social or
sporting event, unsecured loan, other than
those loans and forbearance made in
ordinary course of business, reward, promise
of future employment, or honorarium or
some other item of monetary value.
Personal Use of Office
› Himself or Herself
› Family Member (Spouse and Dependents)
› Any Business Associated
Personal gain is achieved when
something is received, obtained exerts
control over, or otherwise converts to
personal use.
No Personal Use – Office, Equipment,
facilities, time, materials or human labor
for benefit.
 No use or disclosure of confidential
information gained in the course of or by
reason of his or her position or
employment in any way that could result
in financial gain.
No soliciting anything of value from a
 You or family member cannot solicit or
receive anything for purpose of
corrupting influence regardless of value.
Public Contracts
› Unless exempt by competitive bid laws.
› No public employee shall enter into any
contract to provide goods or services which
is to be paid in whole or in part out of State
or Local Funds.
 Direct Deposit
 W4
 A4
 Deduction Inquiry
 Leave
 Earnings
 Check Stubs
Madison City Schools
Elementary Principal’s Meeting
June 12, 2015