Kindergarten Activity Plan

Group: Emily Powers, Quashia Robinson, Laura Schultz
Class/Grade: Kindergarten Activity Focus: Number Recognition Relay
Date: 12/2/2015
# of Students: 15 - 20
Location: (circle) Gym
Equipment: Laminated number’s (1 - 5) and orange cones
Safety Concerns: Students must know and review the rules for relay races and students must have
clear running paths. If weather is a permitting factor, the relay race will be moved indoors, inside
the activity center. Rocks and other hard material students may trip over, perimeter may be
inspected before hand. Crisis bag along with a walkie will be carried outdoors in case of an medical
emergency or illness, etc. Students also not wearing appropriate gear for outdoor play may receive
alternative physical activity options, as not running, but placing numbers in order at back up relay
National Content Standards (NASPE, 2004)
1. Demonstrates competency in motor skills &
movement patterns needed to perform a variety of
physical activities.
2. Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts,
principles, strategies, & tactics as they apply to the
learning & performance of physical activities.
3. Participates regularly in physical activity.
4. Achieves & maintains a health-enhancing level of
physical fitness.
5. Exhibits responsible personal & social behavior that
respects self & others in physical activity settings.
6. Values physical activity for health, enjoyment,
challenge, self-expression, and/or social interaction.
Virginia Standards of Learning – Physical Ed.
Movement Principles and Concepts
K.2 The student will demonstrate use of the
movement concepts of directions, levels, pathways,
and effort (force and speed) while performing
locomotor skills.
Virginia Standards of Learning – Math
Number and Number Sense
Focus: Whole Number Concepts
The student, given an ordered set of ten
objects and/or pictures, will indicate the ordinal
position of each object, first through tenth, and the
ordered position of each object
Behavioral Objectives:
Affective: Upon completion of the activity time the student will be able to feel good about moving
and working with their peers as measured by participation and smiles. By the end of the lesson, the
students will be able to exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others
in the physical activity setting as measured by NASPE standards (5).
Psychomotor: Upon completion of the activity time the student will be able to improve locomotor, non-loco-motor and manipulative movement skills as measured by running, bending, and
turning, etc. Students will also be able to work through movement by taking turns, and being a good
winner or loser as measured by observation of the physical education teacher.
Cognitive: Upon completion of the activity time the student will be able to identify numbers one
through five and arrange them in the correct order as measured by observing and checking the
numbers students pick up and how they arrange them at the end of the relay to win the game.
Health Related Fitness: Upon completion of the activity time the student will be able to display
cardio-respiratory endurance and fitness as measured by how fast they can sprint back and forth
during the relay. The activity will also measure flexibility by having the students bend down and
pick up the cards from the ground.
Activity Plan:
To set up, the teacher will lay out laminated number cards at one end of the playing space while the
students line up at the other. The cards and students will be behind two lines spaced about 15 feet
apart. The teacher will break the students up into groups no greater than five. At the teacher’s
signal, the students will take turns in a relay running from the starting line, picking up a number and
running back. When the student grabs a number, they must yell it as they cross the start line before
the next student can begin running. When all of the numbers have been collected, the students must
work together to put the numbers in the correct order.
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Playground Safety Questionnaire Observations