Jeopardy - Squalicum High School

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20th Cent
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Final Jeopardy
$100 Question from H1
Bank case strengthening Federal govt.
Marshall said, “the power to tax is
the power to destroy”.
$100 Answer from H1
What is McCulloch v Maryland
$200 Question from H1
The principle first demonstrated
by Marbury v Madison
$200 Answer from H1
What is Judicial Review?
$300 Question from H1
John Jay and John Marshall
$300 Answer from H1
Who were the first two
Chief Justices of the
Supreme Court?
$400 Question from H1
The 1810 decision that upheld
That a state could not void a
$400 Answer from H1
What is Fletcher v Peck?
$500 Question from H1
NY steamboat conflict that
ruled only the Federal
government could control
interstate commerce.
$500 Answer from H1
What is Gibbons v Ogden?
$100 Question from H2
Ruled Missouri Compromise was
unconstitutional and slaves were property
$100 Answer from H2
What is
Dred Scott v Sanford?
$200 Question from H2
Roger B Taney ruled rights of
the community supersede the
rights of a private corporation.
$200 Answer from H2
What is Charles River Case?
$300 Question from H2
1896 case that assured the 14th
Amendment only assured
political equality and “sep but
equal” did not mean inferiority.
$300 Answer from H2
What is Plessy v Ferguson?
$400 Question from H2
1831 case ruled that the
Cherokees were a domestic
nation and were sovereign.
$400 Answer from H2
What is
Cherokee Nation v Georgia?
$500 Question from H2
The Daily Double……..
$500 Answer from H2
½ points- name the two Civ War
related cases
½ points- tell each principle of
the case.
$100 Question from H3
Early women’s rights case
won by the statistics of
Brandeis. Est. less hours for
$100 Answer from H3
What is Muller v Oregon?
$200 Question from H3
The Constitution does not follow
The flag based on these cases
$200 Answer from H3
What are Insular Cases.
$300 Question from H3
The “sick chicken” case that
ruled the NRA unconstitutional.
$300 Answer from H3
What is
Schechter Poultry Corp vs US?
$400 Question from H3
The NAACP attorney who
Brought the Brown Case
Before the SC in 1954.
$400 Answer from H3
Who is Thurgood Marshall?
$500 Question from H3
The 1965 Case that ruled that
states Could not deny citizens
Contraception- Key Birth
Control case
$500 Answer from H3
What is
Griswald v Connecticut
$100 Question from H4
Case that compels police to read
The accused their rights when
arrested (1963)
$100 Answer from H4
What is Miranda v Arizona?
$200 Question from H4
The case strengthens separation of
Church and State with the 1962
Removal of mandatory school prayer
$200 Answer from H4
What is Engel v Vitale?
$300 Question from H4
The full name of the act
Declared unconstitutional by
McCulloch v Maryland.
$300 Answer from H4
What is the Judiciary Act of 1789?
$400 Question from H4
The name for the state soldiers
who were poorly dressed,
trained, and generally were
less committed
$400 Answer from H4
What were the Militia?
$500 Question from H4
John Adams famous Quote
about the fraction of colonists
supported the Revolution.
$500 Answer from H4
What is, “1/3 were Patriots,
1/3 were Tories and 1/3 didn’t
give a damn”.
$100 Question from H5
“Wooooa, the Delaware River
is cold this morning. I hope we
can get all my troops across in
time to surprise the Hessians.”
$100 Answer from H5
What Washington said (or thought)
the Morning of the
Battle of Trenton (12/26/76)
$200 Question from H5
Soldier who is hired to fight.
He is fighting for the cash.
$200 Answer from H5
What is a mercenary?
$300 Question from H5
The Capital city of the
new nation.
$300 Answer from H5
What is Philadelphia??
$400 Question from H5
The Daily Double
$400 Answer from H5
The president who authorized
The Northern Securities Case.
$500 Question from H5
The Supreme Court Case that
Upheld the government’s right to
Imprison Japanese during WWII
As a military necessity.
$500 Answer from H5
What is
Korematsu v U S
Final Jeopardy
List as many cases determined by the
Warren Court as you can remember.
Final Jeopardy Answer
Brown v Board, Engel v Vitale
Miranda, Escobedo, Griswald,
Gideon, Heart of Atlanta Hotel,