Get a cup and label popsicle sticks with different exercises! Warm up

Get a cup and label popsicle sticks with different exercises!
Warm up
Walk 4 laps around a gym or set destination.
Pull 2-3 sticks and complete each exercise with 10-20 reps. Remember to show modifications so
everyone keeps moving! If you are walking, use a small deck of flash cards.
Repeat sequence until done.
Cool down.
Sample exercises:
Plank – Knee plank, low forearm plank, high hand plank
Warrior pose- warrior 1, warrior 2, reverse warrior
Caterpillars – standing, bring arms to the ground and walk out until you are in a push up position, walk
feet to your arms and continue until you have done a number of reps or completed a predetermined
Ballerina crunch – sitting with bent knees, make a circle with your arms and lower your back to the
ground, attempt to keep your back straight and arms in circle positions
Donkey kicks - hold on to a chair or position against a wall, bend knee and push leg back
Front kicks – position one leg forward, one leg back with arms raised and bent at elbow in front of you,
kick back leg forward
Side kicks – legs as wide as shoulders, arms raised and bent at elbow, bring in one leg and extend other
leg out to side to kick, reps and repeat with other side
Sit ups – traditional situps
Punches – left/right jabs, hook, uppercut
Fire hydrants – on hands and knees, bring bent leg out to the side
Superman – laying on your stomach, extend arms and legs in a straight line, raise arms and legs up and
hold for 10, 20, 30 secs, repeat 2-3 times
Snowangels – superman then move arms and legs out to sides like you are making a snowangel
Plie squat – legs shoulder with apart, toe out and squat, making sure you do not bend knees beyond
your feet.
High knees – step/run in place while bringing knees up to waist or higher.
Butt kicks – step/run in place while bringing feet to “kick” your own butt.
Side to side shuffle – step/run to 2-3 steps to left side then back to right side.
Heismans – side to side shuffle with a knee raise,i.e. left shuffle/right knee
Speed squat – squat in place like you’re getting ready to run, pump arms like you are running while
staying in squat. After several repetitions count down 5-1 and finish line! Now reverse front leg and
Downward dog – arms touching the floor, feet on the floor, focus on lifting bottom to the sky and
pushing feet into ground.
Mountain climber – same as downward dog, but bring alternating legs into the center and out and if you
are trying to climb a mountain.
Burpees – squat, bring hands down,step/jump feet back into push up position, bring feet back to
starting position, and stand/pop up with arms extended above head.
Pretend jump rope – step/hop while moving arms as if you are jumping rope.
Standing ab crunch – opposite elbow to knee crunch
Scissors – on back, extend legs straight, alternate legs up and down like a pair of scissors
Bicycles – on back, bend knees and circle legs as if you are riding a bike and reverse!
Jump squat – squat, touch/lower arms toward floor and stand/pop up with arms raised above head in
one motion
Football squat – running stance with one leg forward one leg back, squat and touch the floor. Do reps
and then switch to other side. You can also switch after each squat .
Side crunch – can be done on floor or while standing. Bent arms at elbow, hands by your each ear/head
area, crunch toward same side
Leg circles – while lying on side, small and large circles, repeat with other leg
Leg hop – hop on one leg, variation: stand on one leg
Push up- on knees, regular, wide T, diamond push ups
Knee leg lifts – on knees and hands, bend knee and pulse up, repeat with other side.
Frog leap – squat, stay in squat and jump forward and back
Side jumps – same as frog, but left and right
Inner thigh kick – squat, come out of squat and you bring your leg inward like you are kicking a soccer
ball with the inside of your foot.
Skater – with one foot forward and one foot back, raise back leg while bringing opposite arm forward
Variation: keep foot on ground but with as a little weight as possible.
Banana – Laying on the ground, stomach up, extend arms and legs in straight line. Raise arms and legs
off the ground and hold for 10, 20, 30 sec. Do 2-3 reps. This is like a reverse superman.
Reverse crunch –start with knees in toward chest, tap toes to mat twice, then pull knees in toward chest
Chair twist – feet together, arms raised above head, reach for floor, bend knees, keep knees bent and
raise arms in front of chest/shoulder area
V situps – laying, with legs spread wide in V, hold one arm up to the “sky”, sit up while keeping arm
raised to sky then touch each foot and lay back down.
Deadman leg lift – with one foot back with as little weight as possible or off the ground, try to
reach/touch floor and come back up.
Jumping jacks – variation: keep stepping in and out to the side while moving arms
Star jacks – jump while extending arms and legs out; variation – regular jumping jack
Calf raises – raise up on your front toes and sit back down.
Gap jumping – leap with one leg as if you are going over a puddle/stream, return with opposite leg (that
is one repetition)
Butt lift – laying on back, bend knees with feet on floor, raise butt up, hold and back down.
Side Ski jump – bend knees, jump to the left side, back to the middle, jump to the right side. You make
quick step instead of jumping if needed.
Half circle ski jump – bend knees, jump while turning body in a half circle so that your body is now facing
the left side, jump back, and half circle jump to the right. You make quick step instead of jumping if
Hula hoops – rotate hips in a circular motion for 10 rotations, now rotate in the opposite rotation.
Triangle pose – wide legs, arms extended above head, reach/touch the ground, extend one arm up to
“sky”, rotating trunk into an “open” position, hold for 10, 20, 30 secs, reach both hands down again and
rotate in opposite position and hold.
Extended leg crunch – standing, opposite leg extension with arm touch
Side skater – squat with wide legs, staying in squat, drag hands low/on floor from left foot to right foot
Knee crunches –crunch elbow to opposite knee while on knees
Table – laying on ground, raise up on arms and legs, trying to keep your body from your shoulders to
your knees in a straight position such as a table.
Chrissy’s Favs – laying on ground, with knees bent, bring one knee in toward chest, extend same leg out
and then raise straight leg up. Complete reps and repeat on alternate side.
Lunges – standing with feet together, take a wide step forward, bending front leg at knee with back leg
straight. Hold position, then step back leg to front leg. Start with the opposite leg, repeat the sequence.
Complete reps.
Side lunge – lunge to the side and touch opposite arm to the foot/knee of the bent knee
Sumo squat – standing feet together, step to the side into a wide squat
Blocks – squat in place, arms at sides bent at elbow, alternate raising arms above head as if you are
blocking from something falling, alternate raising arms out to the side to block, alternate raising arms
down to side to protect legs
Using light weights 2,3,4 pounds
Military press - bend arms at elbow, extend arms outward in front of chest and return to the side.
Lawn mower – one leg forward, one leg back. Using arm opposite of the front leg, start low and pull
back like you are starting a lawn mower
Bicep curls – start with arms at your sides, curl arm toward chest, bending at the elbow.
Tricep – start with arms bent at side, extend back
Overhead press- starting with weights at your shoulder, twist and raise above your head and return to
Chest – starting with weights together in front of you with arms in closed position, open arms like you
are “checking the fridge”
Wings – starting with weights together in front of you with arms in closed position, open arms out to the