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Bringing It All Together – Planning for Success with iModules
Presented by Jennifer McGee, Engagement Manager
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Discussion Topics
 Identifying strategic goals
 Data management best practices
 Managing email marketing admins and multiple
 Site management best practices
 Questions
The Value of Strategic Goals
Identifies &
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course of
Helps navigate
Proves ROI
Elements of a Good Action Plan
Specific steps
Each initiative has an action
Describes who does what and when
Identifies targeted and measurable results
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Tracking outcomes
Metrics and Reviews
Essential for showing your progress
Which metrics will you consistently chart during the year ahead?
Match metrics to your action items
Schedule regular check-points throughout the year
Adjust as necessary
Tools to investigate:
 Member site statistics
 Email marketing reporting
 Google Analytics
 User surveys
 Staff surveys
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Data Management - Non-Member Records
Implement Identity Checkpoint (ICP) on all open (ie. login not required)
Establish weekly process for managing ICP grid
Establish monthly or quarterly process for managing other non-member
records via the non-member merge file process
Utilize pre-populated forms feature whenever possible in email
marketing campaigns
When creating email recipient lists from an uploaded list, always use First
Name, Last Name, Email Address. This will allow you to associate any
new non-member records with a member record.
Data Syncs and Profile Management
Perform data syncs nightly, or minimum of weekly
Monitor your kickback reports regularly and send direct mail postcards to
constituents that have non-deliverable email addresses.
Add content block in emails that displays constituent information
through the use of Tokens, and directs constituents to update
information if something displays inaccurate.
Confirm contact information any time you have a constituent on the
Use social media to promote “update your information” campaigns
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Email Marketing Management
Use Admin rights to restrict access:
Communications Admin – Access to all Email Marketing tools
Email Author Admin – Has rights to:
• Email home
• Email calendar
• Reports
• Viral Marketing
 Does not have the ability to release emails
Email Marketing – Multiple Stakeholders
Assign one or two “senders” with Communications
Admin rights (per division/college)
Senders are your email experts – attend regular
training, keep up to date on email marketing
changes, train other admins on best practices.
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Site Management – Team model
• Data expert
• Forms and CMS expert
• Email expert
One person serves as “primary contact” who stays updated on
iModules and disseminates information to the team.
Requires team to work together regularly.
Require multiple staff members to have regular training.
Recommend bi-weekly or monthly team meetings.
Site Management – Web Manager model
• Full time position
• Subject matter expert on iModules tools
• Manages data syncs, staff onboarding/training, complex
event builds, email traffic control, 1st line of technical
• Reports regularly to stakeholders on strategic goals and
• Other roles can include social media and Google
Site Management – Outsourcing model
Contracting with iModules or 3rd party expert for:
• Email marketing management
• Event registration builds
• Data analysis
• Strategic goal setting and tracking
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