University of Massachusetts Lowell 60.201 Accounting/Financial

University of Massachusetts Lowell
College of Management
Department of Accounting
60.201 Accounting/Financial
Prof. C. P. Carter
Spring 2011
Many of the resources you will need to be successful in Accounting/Financial can be obtained
online using Blackboard Vista. Until the add/drop period is over, some of the resources can
also be obtained at the following web site:
Before our second class, you should take the following steps.
1. Register for access to Blackboard Vista by following the instructions on the back of this
2. Access the files for this course: 60.201 Financial Accounting - Sec 201 SP11D Carter.
Students in sections 201 and 301 are all included in the Blackboard Vista Sec 201.
3. Briefly review the course syllabus by selecting the Financial Accounting Syllabus Spring 2011
4. Once you review the syllabus, access the text by selecting the Textbook Chapters folder. As
you will see, there are two versions of each chapter. The color version may be appropriate
for viewing on your screen and the black and white version may be appropriate for printing.
You may use either version for either purpose.
5. Begin reading Chapter 1.
6. Using the lecture notes outline you received in class (also available in the In-Class Lecture
Notes: Without Answers folder), complete the first 10 pages before you attend class #2. You
can check the accuracy of your work by reviewing the appropriate files in the In-Class
Lecture Notes: With Answers folder. Your lecture notes are for your use only. They are not
to be submitted to your instructor.
7. Access Class 02 Preparation in the Class Preparations folder. Complete Class Preparation 02
by 8 AM of the day of our second class.
You should repeatedly follow many of the above steps as you proceed through this course.
When you become more familiar with Blackboard Vista, you will see that there are many
resources available for you to use. For example, you will have access to solutions to all the
questions and exercises in the text, practice examinations for each text chapter, and Word
versions and interactive versions of homework problems you must submit. You should pay
particular attention to the deadlines identified in the syllabus.
You are expected to approach this course in an organized way. Late assignments will not be
graded or accepted for credit.
If you have any questions, please see me before or after class, or come to my office. Good luck!