21. Benediction
 He raised his hand in a sort of benediction as we
left the party.
 Definition: an act or words of good wishes
 Write a sentence containing the word telling
about where you might hear or see a
22. Inference
 His inference was wrong, but it was a good
guess anyway.
 Definition: a logically drawn conclusion to a
given set of circumstances
 List at least three different inferences you could
make if you saw someone crying.
23. Denizen
 Most gated communities have specific rules for
their denizens to follow.
 Definition: an inhabitant; resident.
 Use the word correctly in a sentence.
24. Analyze
 When reading, we should analyze words we
don't know in order to better understand the
 Definition: a process of studying the nature of
 Provide two examples of antonyms and
25. Tact
 The man was tactless when he told the woman
she looked fat in those pants.
 Definition: a keen sense of what to say or do to
avoid giving offense.
 Provide two examples of synonyms and
26. Prefix
 Examples: re-, pre-, un Definition: letters placed before a word to
change the words meaning
 Provide two examples of words with prefixes.
Circle the prefix
27. Gaudy
 The gaudy woman had a large ring on every
 Definition: cheaply showy in a tasteless way;
 Describe the gaudiest person you have seen
today, and tell who it is.
28. Suffix
 Examples: -ly, -ed, -ing
 Definition: letters added to the end of words to
change the meaning of the word
 List FIVE different words and circle the suffix
on each word.
29. Scrutinize
 Colby scrutinized the used car carefully before
he bought it for $50.
 Definition: to examine in detail with careful or
critical attention.
 Give two examples of synonyms and two
examples of antonyms
30. Incredulous
 Tiffany and Casper were incredulous and deeply
thankful to be alive after the accident totaled her
 Definition: indicating or showing unbelief;
 Create a sentence using the word correctly.