How to Write a Position Paper


How to Write a Position Paper

■Organize and outline your point of view

■State your position clearly

■Present a solution or a unique approach to solving a problem

■ Establish your reasons for your position (including any research that supports your point of view)

■Explain your argument


■Format should use guidelines given by teacher

■Include topic and purpose


■Develop supporting evidence for your point of view: facts, evidence, and research

■Identify the issues; including pros and cons

■Assume readers understand basic concepts but define unfamiliar terms/concepts

■Refer to those who agree with your position to assist you in developing your argument


Consider your audience:

 Start with a topic sentence or two that attracts attention and summarizes the issue

 Inform the reader of your point of view


 Focus on two-three main points to develop

Each topic is developed with:

■ A general statement of the position

■ Writing that references data

■ Past experiences

■ Conclusion restating the position

Establish flow from paragraph to paragraph

■State your position clearly (I believe…I think…)

■Quote sources

■Stay focused on your point of view throughout the essay

■Focus on logical arguments


■Summarize, then conclude, your argument

■Refer to the first paragraph/opening statements as well as the main points:

•Does the conclusion restate the main ideas?

•Reflect the sequence and importance of the arguments

•Logically conclude their development?

Peer Editing/Revising:

 Share a draft with others to better develop the paper and ensure that your argument is clear.

Revise, check punctuation, grammar, word choice and spelling.

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