Respond to a published article

Respond to a published article
Your focus for this assignment is to:
 Respond to a published article
 Clearly state an argument
 Use research to support a viewpoint
 Read the article one time through in order to determine main idea and details. Highlight any
words or concepts that you do not understand.
 Look up highlighted words or concepts.
 Read the article a second time, annotating for information that would help you answer the
 Choose a position in order to formulate an argument/response to the prompt. You might agree,
disagree, identify, or evaluate.
 Pick at least two quotes from the article to incorporate into your paragraph response.
 Write an introduction that includes the following: title of article, author of article, summary of
article, and your argument, stated as fact (no “I” statements).
 Write a paragraph supporting your position with at least two cited quotes from the article. Be
sure to use lead-ins.
 Write a brief conclusion.
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