Mid-Term Review

Midterm Review
The practice and business or recreational travel that considers its impact on the
environment is known as
With some 19 million residents, ________, is the most populous city in the
Southern Hemisphere.
The ________ stretch more than 3,000 miles (4,828 km) from New Mexico to
The ______________________ are home to two out of three Texans due to the
regions mild climate, plentiful water, and fertile land.
Accurately describes the Inca.
What is an example of a coniferous tree most likely to be found in a
cool, alpine mountain area?
What does human geography examine?
Geographers who focus on human or cultural geography
Mexico City’s geography makes air pollution a greater problem
because it is located
Scientists believe ________ is directly related to climate change and the
rising of Earth’s temperature.
Because of its immigration history, ________ in the United States.
What provides the energy that drives the
water cycle?
How did the Great Lakes form?
Many ________ fled to Canada after the
American Revolution.
Among the ocean currents that play a major role in Canada’s climates is the
warm, northward-flowing current known as the_____?
Humans are most likely to heavily populate a
________ area.
Where do the most dramatic variations in the amount of
sunlight occur?
In Central America, which climate zone is the most densely
What is the term for the generally windless area near the Equator?
Why is urban sprawl considered to be a problem?
In semi-arid regions of Mexico, global climate change has caused
How can herding livestock lead to desertification?
The blending of Spanish-Mexican ranching heritage with European and American
livestock practices have become Texas’s strongest cultural tradition as seen in
For most of Central America and the Caribbean, being located in the
tropics results in ____________?
The early South American societies of the Moche, Mapuche, and Aymara
were based primarily on
A solar system consists of?
Rain forests are home to about ________ all the plant and
animal species on Earth.
What is the key function of geographic information systems?
What keeps the planets revolving around the
Why do most people in South America live along rivers or near the coasts?
What crops are typically grown in the tierra caliente zone?