Projectile at an angle exploration

Projectile at an angle (video analysis) –
Directions: Insert the Video of the projectile at an angle. Set the origin on the middle of the basketball. The first point
should be on the origin. Mark the last point when the ball hits the x-axis. Preform video analysis. You will be answering
similar questions to the ones you did for the horizontal projectile.
Complete the following in your graphing notebook
Sketch the graph for X vs t
Looking at the X vs t graph, is the projectile accelerating in the horizontal direction? Justify your answer.
Determine the velocity in the x-direction from the X vs t graph.
Sketch the graph for Y vs t - Looking at the Y vs t graph, is the projectile accelerating in the vertical direction? Justify
your answer
Sketch the graph for Vx vs t
What is the value of the acceleration in the x-direction? Justify your answer.
What is the meaning and value of the y-intercept on the Vx vs t graph
Sketch the graph for Vy vs t What is the initial vertical velocity (vy)?
What is the final vertical velocity (vy)?
How does the magnitude and direction of the initial y-velocity compare the final y-velocity?
Is there any point at which the velocity in the y-direction reaches zero? If so, when in the motion does this
Calculate the maximum height reached by the ball with respect to your x-axis. (Don’t measure on the graph)
Calculate the horizontal distance of the ball along the x-axis.
What happens to the y-velocity as the ball approaches the top of its trajectory?
(increases, decreases, remains the same)
What happens to the y-velocity as the ball leaves the top of the trajectory and returns to the initial height?
(increases, decreases, remains the same)
Determine the acceleration in the vertical (y) direction from the Vy vs t graph?
What is the initial, final and top of path velocity of the projectile? Include both the magnitude and angle
(Hint: you have a value for both Vx and Vy at each point so you will have to use Pythagorean’s theorem)
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