September 2015 newsletter

S. Christa McAuliffe
Greeley, CO
September 25, 2015
Mrs. K.Anderson’s Classroom Newsletter
3rd Grade Standards for September
and October:
Here are the focus Standards your third
grader will be working on:
We will be using our anthology and nonfiction reading selections to help us meet
these goals. Along the way we will be using
reading strategies and skills to help us
identify story structures, notice details,
identify the sequence of events in a story,
and text features in a non-fiction selection.
1. Telling and writing time to the nearest
minute, and measuring time intervals
CCSS W.3.3- Write narrative to develop real
or imagined experiences or events using
effective technique, descriptive details, and
clear event sequences.
We will be writing our own personal and
creative narratives. We will also be altering
existing stories and characters to help us
meet this standard.
Support at home
Websites for practice:
Please see the classroom website for
current ways to support your student.
2. multiplication concepts and sentences
Select a school: S. Christa McAuliffe
3. use multiplication and division within
100 to solve word problems in
Classroom: Third Grade
4. apply properties of operations as
strategies to multiply and divide
5. Solve 2 step word problems using the
four operations.
6. Identify arithmetic patterns
We just finished our investigation of the water
cycle and earth’s water process
We are studying Earth’s materials and how
they can be broken down into different
materials such as rock, minerals, rock cycle,
formation of soil and sand and human uses.
Teacher: Kara Anderson
Home page
Reading, Math, and Science websites are
listed. You may need to cut and paste it
into your browser for it to work.
Mrs. K. Anderson’s Classroom Newsletter Page 2
This Week’s Assignments
Homework: Homework should have come
home in a manila envelope labeled
HOMEWORK . Inside you will find a
spelling list- they were all told which list
or lists they needed to study. There is a
reading response page and a math
practice page. This homework is
intended to be spread out over a week
about 30 minutes a night. Homework is
always due on the following Thursday.
Reminders to Students
 Homework due Thursday
 Read 20 minutes a night
Upcoming Events
October 16 No School- Fall Break
October 30 Halloween party 3:00-3:30
Costumes need to be easy for student to put on
themselves and over their clothes as we have no
place to change. Please no face paint, we won’t
have time to apply it.
Scholastic Book Orders
Parents have asked me about
book orders. I will provide book
order forms, but ask that all
transactions happen online.
The site is currently under
maintenance. As soon as they
are up and going I will post
directions and login
information. Thank you!
Thank You!
Parents and Student, Thank you for such a
great start to the year! As always, should you
ever have any questions or concerns, please
come and talk with me or e-mail me to
schedule a time!