Writing Assignment: Senior Research Paper

Writing Assignment: Senior Research Paper
Art is a reflection of the society from which it is created. It also creates ripples within that society. With that in
mind you are going to write a research paper that analyzes at least a single work of literature. (You may
choose to examine more) The analysis should focus on how literature reflects and affects social issues of a
culture(s). The Crucible was a play that Arthur Miller wrote in response to McCarthyism. He used actual events
from the past to show how he was wrongly oppressed. The play was not directly about modern politics; rather it
is an extended metaphor using the Salem witch-hunts as its vehicle
Your research could examine: characters, themes, motif, style, influence, or just about anything else, so long as
it is specific and well-supported.
The works could include: short stories, novels, poems, plays, or songs.
For example: If you want to discuss the reasons that Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle, and the effect that its
publication had on American labor laws.
Do not write a grocery list of facts
Do not write a book report / summary.
Do not write a biography.
Using a thesis-driven argument, make a claim and support it with thorough research and proper citations.
Regular: 7-9 pages (8 sources minimum)
Honors 10 pages (10 sources)