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Who (or what!) do you think wrote this?
• I love spring! It’s the best time of the year, in my opinion. The
fattest, juiciest worms come out now, and my mouth is
watering just thinking of them! There’s nothing I enjoy more
than gathering twigs and sticks for my nest, and basking in the
warm sunlight after a hard day’s work.
• How do you know who or what wrote it?
Who (or what) do you think
wrote this?
• I can’t bare the thought of hanging here
another day. I’m miserable just thinking
about another person walking by, stopping
to fix their hair or to get lettuce out from
between their teeth. The absolute worst is
when that pesky cat sees himself in me.
He hisses, puffs up like a giant furball, and
sprints away from me.
• How do you know who (or what) write
Ticket Out
• What is one way that you can make your
writing more interesting?
How would you describe the idea of “voice”
to a first grader?