Remember to update the table of contents in your lab folder!

Monday, Dec. 3rd: “A” Day
Tuesday, Dec. 4th: “B” Day
Homework questions/problems/collect
Video: “Elemental Funkiness”
Quiz over section 4.2: “Tour of the Periodic Table”
Lab Discussion/Write-up: “Flame Tests”
Periodic Table Project/work time
Finish lab write-up
We will be in the lab next time, be sure
to dress appropriately!
1. Pg. 131: #1-12
2. “Elemental My Dear Watson” worksheet
Section 4.2 Quiz
“Tour of the Periodic Table”
You may use your notes and/or your book to
complete this quiz ON YOUR OWN.
#9 Correction:
Change d orbital to s orbital
Change s orbital to d orbital
Pick up a copy of the flame test lab and start
reading it through when you turn in your quiz.
Good Luck!
Flame Test
Lab Partner
Your partner for the flame test lab will be……
Lab: “Flame Tests”
Remember, when energy is added to an atom,
electrons can move from the ground state to
an excited state.
Electrons are unstable at the excited state and
will “fall back” to a lower energy state.
When the electrons “fall back”, specific
wavelengths of light will be emitted that can
be seen as different colors.
Each element has it’s own unique lineemission spectrum.
Lab: “Flame Tests”
In this lab, you will be testing various
metal solutions and recording the colors of the
flames that you see.
Samples will be set up at the lab tables and you
and your lab partner will rotate through the
After testing all of the known samples, you will
test 2 unknown samples and try to determine
what metal elements they contain by comparing
their flame color to the color of the flames of
the known samples.
Lab: “Flame Tests”
Changes to Materials List
and Data Table
Changes have already been made to the materials
list and data table before copies were made….
You’re welcome!
Lab: “Flame Tests”
Procedure Discussion
Work through the handout and use the data
table as a guide.
Sometimes you will view the flame through
cobalt glass, sometimes you will test a mixture of
metal solutions.
To test the NaCl crystals, remove a wooden splint
from the beaker of distilled water and dip it into
the beaker of NaCl crystals.
Be careful not to keep the wooden splint in the
flame too long; it is wood and it will burn!
Lab: “Flame Tests”
Work with your lab partner to complete the lab
1. Title
2. Purpose
3. Hypothesis
4. Materials
5. Procedure
Remember to update the table of contents in your
lab folder!
Periodic Table Project
I wanted my chem 1 classes to make their own
periodic table.
But, instead of just having everyone use a white
sheet of paper, I thought it would be neat if
everyone made an element “square” using
google docs and then sharing it with me.
If everyone makes 2 squares (including me) we’ll
have all 118 elements of the table represented.
All the squares will then be compiled into a
Chem 1 periodic table of awesomeness! 
Periodic Table Project
You will use an app on the Ipads for data
collection and computers in either the library or
computer lab to make your squares.
You will have the rest of the class period today
as well as half the class period on either Friday
the 7th or Monday the 10th – use your class time
You will have 2 weeks to complete the squares,
which will be due on:
Monday, Dec. 17th: “A” Day
Tuesday, Dec. 18th: “B” Day
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