Pennock Worksheet Pp. 13-20 1. What symbol represents the

Pennock Worksheet
Pp. 13-20
1. What symbol represents the authority given to St. Peter? _________________________
2. The power to forgive sins in Christ’s name is celebrated in the Sacrament of
3. The Church is guided by the _____________________________, who was sent by Jesus and
his Father to guide the Church in truth.
4 and 5. ______________________________ and ______________________________ contain
the truths about Jesus and Salvation History.
6. The successors of the Apostles entrusted to faithfully teach, interpret, and preserve the
truths about Jesus and Salvation History is known as the _______________________________.
7. Look up the sign God gave with the Covenant with Noah. It was a sign that God would never
again destroy the world by a flood. ___________________________________
8. What was Abraham’s name before God changed it to Abraham? You will need to look this
one up.___________________________________
9. __________________________________ for Jewish males was a sign of God’s covenant
with Abraham as a way to set his descendants apart as God’s people.
10. ____________________________________ was the son of Abraham.
11. __________________________________ was the son of Isaac.
12. Jacob was renamed ____________________________ and was the father of twelve sons.
13. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are known as the __________________________ of Israel.
14. The _________________________ refers to God’s freeing of his Chosen People, Israel,
from slavery in Egypt.
15. The name of God in Hebrew meaning “I Am Who Am” is ___________________________.
The word contains no vowels because Hebrew does not have vowels.
16. God gave his Chosen People the Law through the prophet _______________________.
17. The greatest king of Israel is said to be ___________________________.
18. David made _______________________________ the capital city of Israel.
19. __________________________, David’s son, built the Temple in Jerusalem.
20. The ______________________________ warned the people against their failures to follow
the Law of God and encouraged God’s people when they were conquered and exiled.
21. ________________________________ conquered Israel, the northern kingdom, in 722 BC.
22. _______________________________ conquered Judah, the southern kingdom, in 586 BC.
23. ____________________________________ is composed of proverbs, riddles, stories,
warnings, questions, and similar types of writings to serve as a guide to daily successful living.
24. _____________________________________ constitutes the climax of Salvation History
and is the fullest Revelation of God.
25. Jesus was born while the _____________________________ ruled Israel.
26. ___________________________________ was the last prophet to prepare the way for
Jesus’ public ministry. He baptized Jesus in the Jordan River and recognized him as the
27. Jesus taught us about God in both his ___________________ and____________________.
28. The __________________________________________ is contained in Sacred Tradition
and Sacred Scripture. It was inspired by the Holy Spirit and handed down from the Apostles to
the Church.
29. ___________________________________ is the living transmission or “handing down”
from one generation to the next of the Church’s gospel message.
30. All of the Apostles died a martyr’s death except for __________________________.
31. St. Peter was the first Bishop __________________. The popes are his successors.
32. _______________________________________ is the written form of what the Apostles
and early Christians handed down. It is the speech of God as it is put down in writing under the
inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
33. Sacred Scripture is divided into the Old and New ______________________________.
34. There are ____________ books in the Old Testament of the Catholic Bible.
35. There are ___________ books in the New Testament of the Christian Bible.
36. A __________________________ is a central truth of Revelation that Catholics must