BTD210 Assignment 1 ( 3% of final mark) – due

DBS201 Assignment 2 Version 1.1
Due date: Tuesday March 16
(3% of final mark)
This assignment is to be done in groups of 2 or 3 students. Your group is to
prepare a conceptual data model (consisting of an Entity Relationship Diagram
and attribute lists) for the RxPlus Pharmacy chain of stores described below.
All Many-to-Many relationships must be shown as two 1-to-Many relationships
using a bridge table. For Primary Keys please write (PK) after the attribute name.
For Foreign Keys please write (FK) after the attribute name.
Here is an example of a M:N relationship from a previous assignment: In this
example we have DRIVER to CAR is a Many-to-Many.
Changes in Version 1.1 in olive green:
“ Each prescription is for one or more drugs.”
RxPlus Pharmacies
RxPlus is a chain of pharmacies that has offered to give you a lifetime supply of
prescription medicines if you design a database for them. Given the rising cost of
health care, you agree.
Here is the information that you gather:
Patient information includes names, addresses, and birth dates. A patient must
have an associated prescription before he is placed in the database. Each
prescription stays on the database forever for history and tracking purposes.
Doctor information includes name and phone number. Each doctor has at least
one specialty(such as pediatrics or orthopedics) but some doctors have more
than one specialty. For each prescription, the name of the drug, the form and the
dose per unit are recorded. For example: the drug name might be Celebrex and
the form is pills and the dose is 50 milligrams per pill. Other forms are capsules,
liquid or lozenges. The database must also keep track of the doctor’s instructions.
Example: “Take two pills before bed”. Some of the drugs in stock have never
been dispensed in prescriptions.
Each pharmacy branch store has a unique number, a name, an address, and a
phone number. Each pharmacy sells many drugs, and each is allowed to sell
each drug at a different price. For example, the St. Claire store could sell Prozac
for $30, and the Rosedale store could sell the same drug for $37.50. Please
ensure that your database can support a drug in more than one form. For
example: Buckley’s Cough Medicine is sold as a liquid or lozenges. For each
form the database must track all the necessary information.
Doctors prescribe prescriptions for patients. Each prescription has a unique
number called the RxNumber, a patient name, a date, a quantity, number of refills
allowed and a prescribing doctor. If the number of refills is 3, the patient can get
a fresh supply of the prescribed drug 3 times without getting another prescription
from the doctor. Each prescription is for one or more drugs.
1- Prepare a conceptual data model (consisting of an Entity Relationship
Diagram including attribute lists) for RxPlus Pharmacies. The ERD must be
drawn using Access, Visio, Word or some other software product. List the names
of all group members on the front page of the assignment. Remember: many-tomany relationships must be shown using three tables like the example on the
preceding page of this assignment.
2- Please also submit the Student Submission Assignment Form.
3- All submissions must be via email and the title field must be: DBS201-A2-ERD