one point persuasive speech

1. I spent several hours gathering information to support my claim; of course, a little
more could have helped further convince my audience.
2. Although evidence was from credible sources and a survey of the audience, I
could have been a little more balanced in the presentation of it, given more time.
3. My logic is sound: Mere animals do value continued existence above all else,
people do not; thus people are not mere animals (there is a “non-nature” part to
them). Education is the mental development of people; therefore, education must
include a supernatural element. I do concede, however, that most people are not
introspective enough to easily accept the above logic.
4. Even though I gave my speech in all sincerity, according to my listening sheets, I
was not as convincing as I had hoped to be.
5. I believe that my extemporaneous style has greatly improved. I sound like most of
my delivery was thought of on the spot.
6. I made my usual effort to keep within the time interval. Simply plan on giving a
speech that last the minimum amount of time; take my time; and look at the time
when I am most of the way done, adjusting pace accordingly.
7. Out of my three listening sheets, two had trouble understanding my logic, this
reflects some ineffectiveness.
8. Whether the last response is one that I can truly fix in my next speech or not, I do
plan on devoting a large portion of my next speech to the logic issue.